UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has directed UPND members of parliament to move a motion of impeachment against President Edgar Lungu citing various Constitutional breaches.

And Hichilema has insisted that the sale of NRDC land to AVIC is senseless because the land in chief Shakumbila’s area where the college will be relocated is of less value.

Meanwhile, Hichilema has encouraged Zambians to use President Lungu-branded toilet tissue and ask him to stay in the sewers after flushing.

But PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says Hichilema is just a joker who will waste people’s time and resources by moving a motion which he clearly cannot win.

Speaking at a press briefing, Sunday, when the party received defectors from the Patriotic Front and other parties, Hichilema said President Lungu should be impeached for encouraging illegalities in government.

“The laws of Zambia require such an action. There are members of parliament here; here is our instruction; you must commence the impeachment process now! The man confirmed that anyone who works anywhere can steal from the employer, how can you stop theft of public resources? It means him, since he is in State House, he is stealing from people who are paying him, who took him there, you the tax payers. That’s one account. Another account, he by his mouth confirmed that in 2015 and 2016 he was voted out of office but he refused to go and he will refuse in 2021. Anaba ma vote weh, that’s confirmation, kaili benangu mwenze kudauta ati kaya ngati tinawina. Mwine wake akamba pakamwa pake (he stole our votes. Some of you were doubting on whether or not we won but he confessed with his mouth that they rigged the election), another ground,” Hichilema said.

“I will tell you another ground, the law; articles 104 and 105 of our Constitution say that when a presidential petition is submitted, just a mere submission, the Presidency, the executive powers must transfer from whoever is holding them to the Speaker of the National Assembly and he refused to hand over, he abrogated the Constitution, that’s another account. I want Kampyongo to know that he won’t threaten us off that action; ‘iwe Kampyongo, tingayope iwe mufana, unangenapo mu jele iwe (Kampyongo, you think we can fear you? Have you ever been to jail)?…I am responding to this threat that you can’t impeach a president, why is the constitution providing for that? I will give you another ground; the Judicial Complaints Commission in its own ruling, indicated that there was no fourteen days used in the petition because somebody lied. The constitutional court did not utilize the so-called fourteen days because that too is not even correct.”

Hichilema said President Lungu was koswe mumpoto who had to be impeached.

“Koswe Mumpoto nindani? Lungu na group yake. Osa panga mistake because uyu sazaonekelanso futi olo afuna kuima. Koma ngati sazaonekelanso bacita replace nawinangu wa PF, ba PF bonse ni same so si koswe umozi. Nibakoswe bambili, mubaziba (Who is the rat in the pot? It is Lungu and his group, don’t make a mistake because we won’t see him again even if he wants to stand. But if he won’t be on the ballot and they replace him with someone else in the PF, it is the same thing, everyone in PF is a rat so it is not only one rat),” he said.

“Ubomba mwibala, how can a leader worth his sort produce such words? This is one of the reasons why Lungu should be impeached among other reasons.”

And Hichilema insisted that the sale of NRDC land to AVIC is senseless because the land in chief Shakumbila’s area where the college would be relocated is of less value.

“This is an asset versus asset swap. The meaning of this for us who went to school to study these things, this means that they are trading NRDC with an empty piece of land in Mwembeshi so that NRDC is given to the Chinese to construct a financial centre and NRDC is moved from that side into Shakumbila area. The price therefore is here but they thought that we could not understand the meaning of these words. But we went to school and we know…now the distortion is that the 304 hectares of NRDC site there is worth millions of dollars whereas the site in Shakumbila, even with new constructions, because property works on three principles, location, one principle, second principle, location, third, location. So it is about location, location…it means that they are stealing this piece of land from NRDC worth millions of dollars probably US$40 million if you include the developments that are there. If you demarcate that land with the demand in Lusaka, some of those areas cost about a US$100,000 to US$200,000 a plot,” Hichilema said.

“You can buy one acre in NRDC for US$100,000 but you can buy 2,000 acres in Shakumbila at less than US$100,000. They think we don’t have brains.”

Meanwhile, Hichilema encourages Zambians to use President Lungu branded toilet tissues.

“Those tissues, get them, as you go where you need to go, use them and as you flush them, say ‘osa bwelelanso uyendeletu. Uyende kuma sewer pond,” said Hichilema.

But Mwila said Hichilema was just a joker.

“He is just a joker naimwe. How can he impeach the president when he doesn’t have the numbers? It is a waste of resources and time for the people. He knows that he cannot manage. to impeach the President, under the current constitution, it is two thirds majority, it is 108 from the total number of members of parliament. Members of Parliament are 156 so ask him if he will manage 108. He is a joker. They are just politicking, they are wasting people’s time and what Constitution has Edgar Lungu violated? Ask him. Let them just concentrate on mobilizing the party,” said Mwila in an interview.

“They know that it is impossible, they cannot succeed. Even by simple majority, they will not succeed. Who is going to support him? It is only Chishimba Kambwili, that’s all. Who else can support him? And koswe mumpoto, he doesn’t know what, what does that mean to the Zambian people? The Zambian people want development not jokes. So koswe mumpoto what does that mean? He doesn’t even understand Bemba, he understands Tonga better. He should ask me, I am a Bemba. Let him say it in Tonga, not saying in Bemba, you don’t even understand Bemba. Ask GBM, let him ask his vice-president what it means. He must not talk about things he doesn’t understand. Me I will not talk about Tonga proverbs which I don’t understand.”