Women in the opposition UPND yesterday opted to go and conduct community service instead of joining their fellow women in commemorating the International Women’s Day, saying they had nothing to celebrate.

Party National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango explained to News Diggers in an interview yesterday that the UPND women could not waste their time to go and march, celebrate their day in the midst of so many problems.

“When you celebrate, you celebrate something. Do we just have to go and celebrate because we are female? We have to celebrate something that is worth. The women of UPND and indeed many Zambian women have nothing to celebrate. Just look at the poverty that is in the country, this cannot be celebrated. The hunger, the political terrain, the violence, the intimidation of members of the opposition political parties cannot be celebrated. So our women decided to go and do some community works somewhere all over the country. But to go and parade ourselves on a march past, celebrate and go stand before whoever [Vice-President Inonge Wina] just didn’t make sense to us,” said Nalumango.