PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says the Patriotic Front will rule Zambia for over 100 years.

And Phiri says the ruling party raised money through contributions and fundraising to buy the bicycles and other campaign materials which are being distributed across the country.

Commenting on the branded bicycles which were purchased by the ruling party, Mumbi explained in an interview with News Diggers! that the bicycles would be used by PF officials for party mobilization.

“Yes we have bought those bicycles for our party officials to use during for mobilization. It’s not only the bicycles which we are buying, we want to mobilize our people with transport. There are some areas which are very far. I’m sure you have been hearing our people complaining, the distances they move especially in the rural areas are very far. So for us to make our people’s movements easy we are giving them bicycles so that they mobilize the party, so that we have members,” she said.

Mumbi said the Patriotic Front would rule the country for over a 100 years.

“When we say ‘we are going to rule this country for over a 100 years’ we mean just that. We have to spread our good news of the good things that the PF government is doing for the people. Others have chosen to use Facebook and everything to discredit the party but we have to send our people everywhere so that they are able to tell the good things that we are doing. The hospitals which are being build, the clinics, the schools because these things are visible and people can see them,” she said.

Asked where the party was getting resources to purchase the bicycles, Mumbi claimed that it was through contributions.

“We were in opposition before, how were we mobilizing the party? Even when we were in the opposition we used to have vehicles ourselves. How can you mobilize a party without transport? Its not possible. These things we were doing even when we were in opposition. So we are just doing the same things we were doing even when we were in opposition. I will give an example, there are motor-bicycles which we are seeing which UPND used to use. They where there and they are still there. They are in the opposition, are we asking them? We make contributions. You have seen [that] we have been fundraising. Its from those monies that we are buying those things from,” she said.

Commenting on Mucheleka’s remarks that the PF had brought ‘ifikopo finabo’ from MMD to join in stealing public resources while the original members were being thrown out, Mumbi charged that Mucheleka was the dull one because he was not a founder member of UPND.

“Mucheleka wine echikopo (Mucheleka is the one who is dull) because he should realise that he is not a founder member of UPND. He has joined UPND nomba he is insulting us who are accommodating people the way he has been accommodated in UPND. And he is telling even their members of parliament, those from North Western Province, those were from MMD also. The members [of parliament] from Western Province were also MMD. Nabo bene alebeba ati fikopo (he is also telling them that they are dull),” said Mumbi.

“I’m glad that Mucheleka is talking the way he is talking to really make those who are joining their party that alebeba ati fikopo. Because there is no party anywhere in the world which is stuck with the same old members. You have to attract people to come to your party. Tale ebafye ifwe ati tuli fikopo, naowine chikopo (he is not only telling us that we are dull, he is also dull) because he is not a founder member of UPND, he has joined UPND.”