National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili yesterday walked out on the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) authorities who summoned him for questioning, but held him for more than three hours after the interviews were done.

Kambwili’s lawyers have revealed to News Diggers! that the ACC are investigating an allegation that he is in possession of money believed to be proceeds of crime.

Kambwili who arrived at ACC offices at 09:48 hours in the company of party secretary general Mwenya Musenge, was ushered into the interview room at about 10:00 hours.

After being interviewed for approximately two hours, Kambwili was detained for more than three hours, forcing the opposition leader who still holds a PF parliamentary seat, to leave the building at about 15:00 hours.

He told journalists shortly before his departure that he was going home, because he had been kept for too long without a reason, adding that he would wait for the ACC to call him back.

“I have been here since morning, we finished their interviews at 12:00 hours but they left us in a room for three hours. I haven’t eaten and you know I am diabetic. I am leaving now, if they want me they will call me back, otherwise I have left,” said kambwili.

And speaking to News Diggers in an exclusive interview, Kambwili’s legal counsel Christopher Mundia revealed that his client was being interviewed for being in possession of proceeds of crime.

“Imagine, we had been waiting for those same consultations since 12:00 hours and those guys [at ACC] where not telling us anything. We finished a long time ago with the interview. He was being questioned for being in possession of money suspected to be proceeds of crime and something about a tax clearance under Mwamona engineering. Just things that didn’t make sense,” said Mundia.