The Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) says the happenings at Fairview Hospital are saddening as they expected the institution to maintain highest standards in its service delivery.

According to a statement issued by PSZ president David Banda yesterday, the use of unregistered practitioners was a serious offence which could not be condoned.

“We are saddened at the happenings at Fairview Hospital. We regard it as one of the best hospitals in Lusaka to supplement government efforts to achieve universal access to quality healthcare. Therefore, we expected it to maintain highest standards in its delivery of its services. The management of the hospital should be aware of the various laws affecting their operations and ignoring them puts a danger to their clients which is a serious offence,” Banda stated.

“The use of unregistered practitioners is a serious offence which needs not to be condoned. We have many health practitioners available who are looking for employment. Further, the Medicines and Allied Substances Act requires that each hospital pharmacy should have fully qualified and registered pharmacists for the hospital to operate the pharmacy. We have pharmacists available who are well qualified to manage their pharmacy. Therefore, its negligence for the hospital not to employ a fully registered pharmacist endangering the public,” Banda stated.

And Banda urged HPCZ and ZAMRA to work together for the protection of the public.

“The dangers of dispensing expired drugs are vast, range from harmful effects to death. Out of date drugs means the potency is compromised and the manufacturer will never be held responsible for the effects of the drugs after consuming them. Therefore, we do not wish a health facility to become a danger to society. Going forward, we urge HPCZ and ZAMRA to map out their operations so that they can work together closely for the protection of the public. We need to harmonise the two pieces of legislation for easier implementation,” stated Banda.