Zambians have expressed mixed feelings over former Post editor-in-chief Fred M’membe’s decision to join active politics.

Speaking at the official launch of the Socialist Party which attracted hundreds of delegates from all 10 provinces and other countries such as Cuba, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Botswana and Argentina, Dr M’membe, who was unveiled as the party’s presidential candidate for 2021 said he is a revolutionist who wants to save Zambia from the jaws of capitalism.

“I’m not a politician, my brother Cosmas [Musumali] is not a politician, you are not politicians, we are revolutionists. We are revolutionists. We are not seeking positions we are seeking to transform our homeland,” Dr M’membe said.

“And our commitment is to that class, the class of Christ. Who was the father of Jesus? (Joseph) what job did Joseph have? (Carpenter) is a carpenter a capitalist? (No) Is a carpenter a working class? (Yes) so Christ was working class. So Christ belongs to the same working class you belong to? So you are the chosen class.”

He said capitalism was about killing and stealing.

“Capitalism kills, steals subjugates and humiliates. It killed Nsingu and his 10,000 young Ngoni fighters, it stole their cattle and imprisoned and humiliated Mpezeni in order to exploit, subjugate, colonise them. From 1891 to 1924 our homeland was a colony, personal property of businessman, foreign investor Cecil Rhodes and his British South Africa Company. Many things seem to have changed since then, but the fundamentals, the key things remain intact – our people are still being killed, robbed of their land and minerals, neocolonised by capitalism, it’s enterprises and states,” said Dr M’membe.

“Clearly, the struggle against capitalism that we are today launching
is not new in our homeland. Clearly, this, our initiative and effort; the Socialist Party and movement that we are launching today, is a continuation of the struggle that started over 120 years ago. It is a struggle we have to continue in honour of commander Nsingu and his fighters; it is a struggle we have to wage for the future generations of this nation and indeed for our own liberation from today’s capitalist exploitation, subjugation and humiliation.”

Meanwhile, Zambians have received Dr M’membe’s decision to join active politics with mixed feelings.

Below are some of the comments pulled from various news blogs:

The Mast:

Robby Mzenje: The only problem in Zambia everyone wants to be President even those with outdated philosophies such as socialism. Very disgusting mweee😖😖😖😖

Steven Kings Mushai: All I see in Zambia is a bunch of selfish criminals who can’t work together for the benefit of the country they call home but are always trying to convince us that only my team can do it better for Zambia. Its shameful situation we have and while all these criminals battle it out, Zambia suffers the most.

Joseph Zulu: Interesting events. He has spent 25 years criticising others. He has done well to join politics. He now has to prove that he is better than all the past leaders he has called all sorts of names. It will not be easy for him to convince the masses that socialism can work having plunged the country into a mess under KK.

Kenny Nyirenda: The regalia is that of UPND and the symbol is that of PF which is already showing that he lacks new ideas. Anyway, it’s his right to stand but I think he can’t make a good President. Hope is not joining politics for revenge and vengeance.

Fred Moses Kaputo: For me their is nothing wrong for anyone to pursue their dreams. You let them try their best at the level they think they can fit

Emmanuel Mwaba: Fred is a Zambian and qualifies to so. He only need to sale his agenda for Zambia and convince the electorates. Zambia will have a pool of prospective candidates to choose from. Follow your dream King Fred, thieves have evaded Zambia may be you may be best alternative.

Zambia Reports:

Mwimanenwa Kamona: hahahahahaha, this chap daydreams ayi?

Robby Chibawe: At least he has an ideology to follow. Most parties you don’t even know what they stand for

Sïmøń Jr Nkhömå: Newspapers will vote for him I guess

Mavuto Hassan Nyirenda: Don’t under rate him, he has been involved in dispensation of democracy in Zambia post Kaunda

Zambian Watchdog:
Chinyo Chandi: It is his constitutional right. Leave m’membe alone. Instead of wishing him good u are busy passing silly comments. Ba Zambia tamwakwata efyaku kondema

Golden Kuveya: It’s good that he has finally come out to do open politics than doing politics through the newspaper.meanwhile the Post is now gone for good
Mambala uyu!

John HM: It makes me wonder on their party colours. Rainbow party and this socialist party have copied the mighty UPND colour. Why not find their own colours??