Party of National Unity president Highvie Hamududu says government must consider complaints from Zambians over deteriorating living standards as a need to refocus their approach in matters of the economy and service delivery.

According to a statement issued to News Diggers! Hamududu said government should not proceed in a business-as-usual manner because people’s complaints indicated that things were not well.

“The serious complaints of majority Zambians about the deterioting standard of living should shake up government to refocus their approach in matters of the economy and service delivery. Government must not proceed in a business as usual manner because the current indicators and general complaints by majority of Zambians show that things are not well at all. The rate at which employment is being created is negligible. Agriculture which is the mainstay of most Zambians is not ticking well, education services are worsening amidst high fees charged with parents unable to send their children to school. The councils which are the frontend of service delivery are literally dysfunctional, failing to go beyond the removal of street vendors,” Hamududu stated.

“Zambia’s economic direction and service delivery need urgent re-engineering to meet the expectations of the majority of our people. The infrastructure roll out across the country, important as it is, must be properly balanced with equally important interventions to ensure that improvement in the general welfare of the general citizenry is attained.”

He stated that as the country reflected on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, government should think of how to improve the welfare of the people.

“Government must understand that the real efficacy of what they are doing is best measured by the extent to which the general living standards are improving. Last weekend, I toured the University of Zambia Great East road campus and what I saw is disheartening. The infrastructure is dilapidated, dirty all around, potholes on campus, congestion in hostels. It is unacceptable. In fact, I want to challenge the ministries of higher education for joint tour with us on campus,” stated Hamududu.

“As we reflect on the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ for us, let’s think about how we can improve the welfare of all our people. God has blessed this country enough to ensure that every Zambian can live a decent life.”