Immediate past Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Linda Kasonde says her greatest achievement was not giving up when she was faced with political persecution.

She said this in response to a press query on what she considered as her greatest achievement and most trying moment of her time at the helm of the Association.

In 2017, PF cadres raided the LAZ secretariat with assorted weapons in a move to forcefully remove Kasonde from office. This was followed by calls from PF lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube’s campaign for her impeachment on grounds that she was unwanted by the powers that be.

When Kasonde stood up to defend the independence of the judiciary and constitutionalism following attacks from State House, President Lungu rebuked and challenged her to join politics instead of hiding behind the Law Association.

After her term came to an end this month, Kasonde decided not to recontest the position, and handed over power to her deputy Eddie Mwitwa who went through unopposed as the new LAZ president.

She told News Diggers that she was proud to have successfully navigated the challenges faced in the two years of her reign.

“As the first female President of the Law Association of Zambia, I felt the weight of generations of women who will follow me. For me, my greatest achievement was not giving up and successfully navigating the many challenges that LAZ has faced in the last two years. I hope I have proven that women are equally and even more competent than men,” Kasonde said.

She said through her experience, she learned that people’s true character are known in time of trouble.

“Everyone wants to associate with power and success. So when trouble comes, it reveals a lot about who the people around you are and what they stand for. There’s a difference between leading and managing an organisation. Leading can be a lonely journey,” said Kasonde.

“We pulled together when we needed to. On a personal level, my Christian belief tells me nothing is impossible with God.”