Linos Chalwe, the general secretary of the The Footballers and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (FAWUZ) says it is shocking that FAZ executive committee members shared allowances in excess of K8,000, 000 at the expense of football players who are the most important stakeholders.

In a statement yesterday, Chalwe who is former Chipolopolo striker, observed that football administrators in Zambia were targeting wealth instead of sports development.

“The Footballers and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (FAWUZ) has expressed shock and concern on the sums of money that were paid to both full time and part time administrators during the hosting of the African Cup Youth tournament and the COSAFA Under 20 tournament in 2017, with no discernible benefits to the most important stakeholders in football who are the players – past, present and future,” he stated.

“As a Union representing player in Zambia, it is our view that it is time FAZ changed its approach to the running of football by ensuring that all stakeholders are involved especially the representative of players in order to ensure that the people who generate the funds being shared have a voice and input. The Union was shocked that K805, 000 was paid as allowances to admnistrators for African Cup Youth tournament and K600, 000 for the Cosafa youth Tournament while players – past, present and future, were left out as their representative, FAWUZ was excluded from all Committees.”

Chalwe said there was need for the soccer governing body to take interest in the plight of past present and future players.

“The expectation from the Footballers Union was that some roles for football legends like Dickson Makwaza, Fred Mwila, Edward Musonda, Ackim Nkole, Peter Mhango and others could have been found so that they benefit from the tournament. On the other hand, since the FIFA rules forbid paying under age players allowances, a development fund could have been set up for future players from the sponsorship and prize money,” he said.

“The Union bemoans the current practice of recent FAZ administrations of exclusivity where the people who are involved in tournaments or national team activities are only those who are close to the administration at a particular time leaving out experienced and knowledgeable stakeholders such as old administrators and retired footballers with the institutional memory and expertise. This has resulted in each new administration going through a long learning curve, making same mistakes as previous ones and generally the national team underperforming.”

Chalwe demanded for accountability from FAZ, saying unilateral decisions were divisive, while administrators with selfish ambitions were not wanted in the management of football.

“It is important that FAZ changes their approach by being consultative. Stakeholders such as Referees Association, Players Union, and former Administrators need to be consulted to avoid blunders. If FIFA can consult stakeholders in the football why not FAZ. FAWUZ believes that apart from full time workers, football administration in Zambia should be voluntary and any payments paid should be honorariums and not be comparable to private and parastatal company Board member’s allowances,” said Chalwe.

“It is time people who want to join football administration do it for the love of the game and not for monetary gain. They should emulate yester year administrators like Tom Mtine, Wilfred Wonani, Joe Somanje, Eliya Mwanza, Hebert Chime, Julius Sakala, Mathew Chaila, David Lewanika, Teddy Mulonga, Michael Mwape and others who were successful in their professions and businesses and run football for the love of the game rather than to make money.”