New Labour party leader Fresher Siwale is still in detention as senior government officials have refused to sign as his sureties.

On May 4, Lusaka principle resident magistrate Alice Walusiku granted him K10,000 bail in his own recognizance with two working sureties who both should either hold a managerial or directorate position and one of which must be working for government.

This was after Siwale pleaded not guilty to a charge of defamation of the President which he allegedly committed by alleging that President Edgar Lungu stole someone else’s identity and that his real name was Johnathan Mutaware.

But in an interview after visiting Siwale, Tuesday, Mulongoti confirmed that no government official had been willing to sign as surety.

And Mulongoti warned that President Lungu would pay for all the wrongs he was committing while in office.

“I think the next option is to go to the High Court to apply for the High court to vary the bail conditions. I think that is the next option available to us and I am sure the lawyers are going to take that up. But for us, we are doing what we can administratively by ensuring that if we can find someone to sign then someone will sign. But of course from the very beginning we knew that there is no government employee who would want to sign surety for him, knowing that they are appointed in the name of the President and Mr Siwale is quarreling with the President. But you see its a matter of time, this quarrel will halt at it’s own time because it can’t be there for ever. But we have seen Mr Siwale, we are just coming out of prison and he’s in good health, he’s jovial. So that’s what’s comforting us,” Mulongoti said.

Meanwhile, Mulongoti said time would come for President Lungu to pay for all his deeds.

“When your moral campus is defective and you don’t have morality in you, when you are scared person because of what you have done, you always want to extend your fears to others. When your status is under question because you have committed offences, you always do these things to others. But there is one thing which must always remember, the long arm of the law will catch up with you as well and more so the law of karma. It will eventually come, what you do to me will be done to you by others. So it’s one for you to abuse your power now but there will come a time when someone will also take over your seat and how will remember what you did and he will use the same method used to others to you. One thing that’s very clear is that there is no doubt that this incarceration is intended to break down a person. But I can assure you, seeing him (Siwale) in prison, he’s more determined to live much longer than that. Let him come out and have his day in court and let us see how he proceeds,” Mulongoti said.

Mulongoti also said that Siwale’s family had eventually accepted his situation and were finding ways of coping.

“There is somebody who is dealing with the family, I think they have accepted the situation [because] they can’t go on denying it. It’s a reality and they have accepted it, so they are moving on,” said Mulongoti.