Murder-convict Kieth Mukata’s wife Maricho Hoare has asked the people of Chilanga to vote for PF candidate Maria Langa in the parliamentary by-election saying she is a woman of integrity.

At a media briefing in Lusaka, Tuesday, Hoare said she had forgiven Mukata for everything, including his affair with UPND candidate Charmaine Mehl Musonda.

“It being Mother’s Day, I would like to open up my heart and the question is why today? Today, there are so many lies that have been spread, I am actually with my husband, we are stronger than ever. I love my husband, I have forgiven him for everything. I don’t think it is right for a woman to demean another woman. Especially if the woman has children. There is speculation that I am not in my home, I am in my home. My husband was divorced and we remarried, Mr Keith Mukata, I miss him so much. It has been one solid year now, my children miss him, I as a mother miss him as well,” Hoare said.

She said Mukata had decided to rally behind Langa in the forthcoming election.

“I am so grateful that I have support and finally, women have come on board to support me through this trying moment and to the deceased, to his family, we are with you in prayer and in spirit. I know how it feels to lose someone because this moment, I feel I have lost someone but I know at a point, God is going to reunite me with my husband. To the voters in Chilanga, women and men, I think we should look at a woman who is family oriented and has integrity and I know where my husband is, he is in support of Maria Langa and wherever my husband goes, I go. So mum, all your blessings and God’s guidance. You have all my support and from the Mukata family as well. So God bless you and see you in Parliament soon,” said Hoare who was flanked by Langa and her camping manager Jean Kapata.