Chishimba Kambwili says grounds for impeaching President Lungu have continued to pour in, and Zambians who were in doubt can now see the Head of State blatant abuse of power.

And Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu refused a retirement house because he knew he was building himself a mansion from corruption money in Swaziland.

Zambians living in Swaziland have shared construction plans of a US$3.9 million mansion allegedly being constructed for President Lungu in that country, and questioned the source of money.

And on Monday, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya confirmed at a press briefing at her office that President Lungu owns land in Swaziland which was given to him by his counterpart King Mswati.

She said it was normal for a president to own land in a foreign country but however did not attempt to explain the source of funds for the construction of the President’s House.

But in an interview with News Diggers! Tuesday, Kambwili said it was pure corruption and against the provisions of the ‘Presidential, Parliamentary and Ministerial code of conduct’ to receive unreasonable gifts in a foreign country.

He explained that reasonable gifts permitted could be in form of a pen, a diary or a photo album whereas receiving land as a present was pure corruption, unless it is surrendered to the State.

“Dora Siliya and Lungu knows very well the provisions of the presidential parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct. Under the presidential parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct gifts are regulated. When you visit a foreign country as head of state, as minister or MP, there is a policy known as ministerial code of conduct guiding which gifts you can get. They have told us clearly that you must get a reasonable gift. What they mean by a reasonable gift, you can get a pen, a diary, a photo album, picture frames, but you cannot go and get a motor vehicle as a present. That is corruption. You cannot get land, that is pure corruption,” he said.

Kambwili further called on President Lungu to resign on moral grounds for perpetrating abuse of office.

“I’m getting worried. It appears [that] we Zambians are extremely docile over political issues and the corruption that is being perpetrated by President Edgar Lungu and his government. This issue calls for the President to resign on moral grounds. It’s a serious issue because he has abrogated the presidential parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct and ethics. That land under normal circumstances is a gift to the people of Zambia and not an individual as President Edgar Lungu. He went to Swaziland on an official visit on behalf of the people of Zambia and if he is given any gift to that extent, that land should have gone to build maybe an embassy or houses for embassy staff for the people of Zambia. But he cannot go and build a personal house in the foreign land, getting a gift which is against the presidential parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct,” he said.

And Kambwili said the Swaziland exposé would be included as one of the grounds for impeaching the President.

“In fact we will include this latest Swazi house building as one of the reasons for impeachment. I will soon be discussing with honourable Garry Nkombo so that we can amend and include this one because this is a very serious offence. I have told you [that] we don’t have a President. The man we have in state house is a leopard in sheep skin using public money for personal gain. I’m calling upon Lungu to resign on moral grounds and handover that house he is building in Swaziland to the people of Zambia because the money that is being used is corruption money,” he said.

“The way the plot was given is corrupt practice. Look, even the issues with Rwanda, he is always going to Rwanda to visit. You people think he is going to Rwanda to speak for you? When he went to Rwanda, Kagame asked him that ‘let the people of Zambia supply steel and sugar to Rwanda’. What is happening, only a small clique that surround him are the people that are supplying steel and sugar. In all these deals, Lungu is involved ultimately. He is the beneficiary number one. Please Zambians we need your help, lets remove this man from State House, he is a disaster. By the time you will allow him to go up to 2021, this country will have no money at all.”

He said President Lungu refused a retirement house because he knew that he was building himself a mansion out of corruption in Swaziland.

“He even misleads the people of Zambia saying ‘no I have refused the state to build me a house’ because he knows that he is building houses out of corruption using his office. I have said and I want to say it again, there has never been a corrupt President in the history of this country more than President Edgar Lungu. And when I talk people say that Kambwili is bitter. And look at the house that is being constructed, $3.9 million worth of a house. Where has he gotten the money from? Is it the Swazi government which is building that $3.9 million worth of house?” Kambwili asked.

“You know, the corruption under this government, mwebena Zambia ndemweba mukashala mulimwamoneni, mukashala mulelila. Lungu uyu akabutuka. You can already see [that] he is building houses all over, he is building that house in Swaziland, he has another big dairy farm in Swaziland, he is building a big mall in Uganda. Surely mwebantu nangu napasoswa tapamona, what are you waiting for to see that we have a corrupt President?”

Kambwili charged that President Lungu had no integrity left in him to continuing serving Zambia.

“The man has no integrity left in him even to serve the people of Zambia. No wonder he can go on a bus and say ‘I’m abusing the presidential powers, even Kaunda abused the presidential powers’ because the man has got no integrity. In other countries they could have forced that man to resign. Please napapata mwebena Zambia see what we are seeing. You are even lucky that people like me who worked with Lungu can be telling you that this man is a disaster without fear or favour and you don’t seem to be serious about these issues,” he complained.

Meanwhile, Kambwili warned Siliya to stop accusing him of being corrupt saying she was the corrupt one.

“And ba Dora Siliya was saying that President Lungu is serious about fighting corruption because he relieved me of my duties as minister. In fact you were insulting me Dora, stop insulting me. I’m not as corrupt as you are. I have never been corrupt in my life, I work hard. The Financial Intelligence Unit produced a list of ministers who they said have unexplained money in their accounts, why have those ministers not been fired if Lungu was truly a person who is fighting corruption? He only fired Chishimba Kambwili because he is scared of him. Then you go on TV and start insulting me. You corrupt people are still in government enjoying tax payers money then you want to accuse others of being corrupt,” he said.

Kambwili said Siliya should be the last person to defend PF because she used to say bad things about the party when she was in MMD.

“She used to say bad things about PF and its leadership to the extent that at one time she raised her index finger, insulting PF leadership and PF MPs in parliament when the MMD walked out. Surely if she had morality I don’t think she can even come to defend President Edgar Lungu and the PF. She’s a wrong person and she owes the people of Zambia an apology. That’s why people are now saying ‘politics is a dirty game’ its because of people like Dora Siliya.”