PF supporters from the seven constituencies in Lusaka yesterday presented a petition to secretary general Davies Mwila, demanding that disciplinary action is taken against Justice Minister Given Lubinda, Lands Minister Jean Kapata and Higher Education Minister Prof Nkandu Luo, for dividing the ruling party.

And Mwila promised that he would report the “treacherous” ministers to President Edgar Lungu for possible action.

Presenting the petition on behalf of the constituency structures, Munali constituency Chairperson Forbes Mufwaya accused Lubinda, Kapata, Luo of holding dark corner meetings aimed at stopping the ongoing intra-party elections.

Mufwaya also named Chief and Traditional Affairs Minister Lawrence Sichalwe and Mulenga Kaziya among other members of parliament who were involved in the clandestine activities of some Central Committee members.

“We are shocked that some of your colleagues in the central committee are holding dark corner meetings for their own selfish motives. Mr Secretary General sir, these people have an agenda to disrupt the ongoing intra-party elections because their agenda of imposing their stooges have lamentably failed. The main culprits driving this agenda sir are Honorable Given Lubinda of Kabwata constituency, Professor Nkandu Luo of Munali constituency and Honorable Jean Kapata of Mandevu constituency. There are other MPs in Lusaka district who are also being misled by the trio to push for the cancellation of these intra-party elections which have so far gone on very well,” Mufwaya said.

“Sir, we are shocked that these MPs can start having dark corner meetings at the expense of so much work needed to be done in the respective ministries and constituencies. Their actions sir are tantamount to insubordination because the central committee where they sit as members sat to decide the calendar of elections which we are following now. They have been having secret meetings at very late hours at Honourable Lubinda’s residence and we have evidence to that effect. We will not allow the trio to usurp the powers of the structures for their own selfish interests. We are very disappointed with Honourable Given Lubinda who we held in high esteem that he should be hosting such meetings which are meant to disrupt the smooth running of the party in Lusaka district.”

Mufwaya added: “We further wish to disclose to you sir that apart from the trio, there are other MPs involved namely, Honorable Lawrence Sichalwe of Chawama constituency [and] Honourable Kaziya Mulenga of Matero constituency.”

in response, Mwila said he was going to present the petition to President Lungu because, and condemned attempts to sabotage the internal elections.

“I have received the petition from the spokesperson for Munali. I have heard all the complaints but I want to tell you that the party central committee decided that we hold party elections. The purpose or reason of holding party elections is to strengthen the party not to divide the party. So when it comes to voting for the people in offices, it is the people to decide. No one has the right to impose. So the lower organs must be allowed to choose the leaders they want. But I want to assure you that no one will interfere in these elections,” said Mwila.

“I am going to deliver this message to the president of the party. This afternoon, after this I am going there to present this petition but the people or the officials in Lusaka in seven constituencies do not want people to impose leaders. They want to elect their own leaders. So us as the party we have to make sure that we have leaders who will be accepted by the grassroots.”