Mulenga Sata says he wants to be adopted to contest the Lusaka mayoral elections on the PF ticket so that he can implement various projects which he left hanging when he served in the same capacity.

Speaking when he re-joined the Patriotic Front at the party secretariat, Thursday, Mulenga denounced his loyalty to the opposition UPND saying he had been wasting time “out there”.

“Everything that you know about me came from PF so there is no reason for me to be wasting time out there. I need to be with my family which is PF,” Mulenga said.

Mulenga, who claimed he never announced resigning from politics, said he hoped to be adopted as PF candidate for the mayoral election.

“By returning to PF, I will be able to support him (Edgar Lungu) in clearly satisfying the vision that was that of Michael Chilufya Sata. So 2021, nafuti-nafuti (again and again) with Edgar. Now to answer the question that was highlighted by one tabloid where I was purported to have hang up my political gloves, aya ama politics mukwayi teti tuleke (these are politics, we can’t stop). Service to mother Zambia need not be debated. When called upon, we will serve. When they need us we work for the people, when they don’t need us, we do other things. The forth coming elections of Lusaka Mayor will help to cement the real growth and dominance of PF in Lusaka,” he said.

“The vacant position as you may be aware was once a position that I once held. I know the entire face of Lusaka and the majority of residents in Lusaka are familiar with both my name and face. Many plans and programmes that were initiated were not implemented as I only served for seven months. My heart desires to fulfil my dream to see a transformed city of Lusaka. With that said, allow me to declare my interest to contest as mayor of Lusaka but it will be for the party to decide.”

And PF secretary general Davies Mwila said seven applications had so far been received from members wishing to contest the mayoral elections.

“I am calling on all our members to gear up for people centred and issue based campaigns. We stand opposed to the use of violence before, during, and after elections. And I ask all party members to lead by example. Let me also confirm that the response for the Lusaka Mayoral race has been overwhelming and I thank all members who have shown interest in contesting. As at yesterday, we had seven applications, today we expect to get more than 15 and by tomorrow we will be above 20 [applications], so central committee will convene on 23rd of this month to pick a candidate or to decide on the candidate to stand on our ticket. And all our members will be expected to rally behind that particular candidate,” Mwila said.

Meanwhile, Mwila expressed confidence that the Presidents’ summit ahead of the national dialogue process would be a success.

“Let me also confirm that the Patriotic Front remains committed to ensuring that national dialogue bears fruits. Dialogue is an ongoing process that must underpin any health democracy such as ours. The Patriotic Front is grateful that Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue successfully held a meeting of the secretary generals in Siavonga district. We are confident that the president’s summit will equally be a success. Lastly, let me emphasize that unity and discipline is what distinguishes Patriotic Front from other political parties. We formed government because there was unity of purpose and discipline,” said Mwila.