Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo Monday morning chased 45 Provincial administration employees who reported for work after 08:00 hours, asking them to emulate the ‘Great leader of this great nation’ President Edgar Lungu.

Lusambo, who took down their names, said he would ask the Ministry of Finance to deduct from their salaries because late coming was a form of stealing from government.

“I am extremely disappointed. We are failing the President, we are failing the people of Zambia. The people of Zambia know that they have people who are working on their behalf but you are coming here on your own time and you want to be paid. There is no country where you go where there is development with this kind of culture,” said Lusambo.

“Me I am here to work with all of you and to work with all of you and make sure that we work for the people of Zambia but like this, you have embarrassed me, you have embarrassed the President and you have embarrassed yourselves. So you wanted to be home, you wanted to be with your relatives so today I don’t want to see you in the offices and I am writing to Ministry of Finance to deduct from your salaries.”

And in a statement posted on his Facebook page, Lusambo asked civil servants to emulate President Lungu.

“As long as I remain Minister, I will ensure that civil servants deliver for the work they are paid for. His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the great leader has demonstrated hard work as he reports for work way before 08:00 Hrs and as such, we should emulate his example,” stated Lusambo.