Nevers Mumba-led MMD Spokesperson Dr Cephas Mukuka has urged the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) to swallow its pride and allow the church to lead the forth coming national dialogue.

And Dr Mukuka has wondered why ZCID invited the Felix Mutati MMD faction to the said talks and not the other faction saying Nevers Mumba was the duly elected MMD leader, while the other grouping was illegal.

In an interview with News Diggers! Dr Mukuka said the church stood a better chance to lead and spearhead the said dialogue.

“As MMD, we support all calls to have the church lead the pending dialogue. It’s the natural role of the church to do so. The church stands better to lead, spearhead and facilitate the said dialogue. Each time the church speaks, it’s from a sacred platform. This is not to say that they cannot error, but to show respect and agree that it’s their God given mandate to do so,” he said.

Dr Mukuka observed that it was a global trend for the church to engage in dialogue.

“Actually it’s a global trend for the church to engage in such. In Zambia when late President Levy Mwanawasa and the then opposition leader late Michael Sata had political differences, the church reconciled them in full view of the world. In South Africa during and after Apartheid, the church played a pivotal role to end the racial discrimination. Later after independence, the truth and reconciliation commission was spearheaded by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, among other church leaders,” he said.

“Most recently in the DRC, where President Joseph Kabila wanted to cling on to power, the church initiated dialogue leading to amicable Presidential elections coming up this year in December.”

He urged ZCID to humble themselves and allow the church to lead the dialogue.

And Dr Mukuka wondered why ZCID recognised the Felix Mutati-MMD led MMD faction instead of the one led by Mumba.

“Examples are too many to give out. We urge ZCID, to humble themselves, swallow their pride and allow the church to lead the forth coming national dialogue. The failure by the ZCID not to invite us to the said talks leaves much to be desired. Why should they invite the Hon Felix Mutati led illegal grouping attend? There is a land mark Supreme Court judgement ruling, recognising Dr Nevers Mumba as duly elected president of the MMD. Actually the said ruling dismisses the Felix Mutati case with huge costs to the tune of K2.5 million. This is in the public domain,” he said.

“People may wish to know that upon having their case dismissed by the Supreme Court, the illegal Mutati-led MMD, has since rushed to the ConCourt. We expected the ZCID, to have engaged us for certain information before deciding to invite an illegal grouping. So our position remain unchanged, let the church lead the pending national dialogue. The dialogue is not between the PF and the UPND, as some people may think. It is involving all stakeholders and aggrieved individuals wanting to speak through their representatives,” said Dr Mukuka.