One person has died whilst 30 others have sustained serious injuries in a road traffic accident which occurred along Great North Road in Chisamba, Tuesday.

In a statement, Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo narrated that a truck which was trying to overtake another vehicle hit into the bus which was moving in the opposite direction, killing the bus driver on the spot.

“There was a fatal road traffic accident which occurred today 4th September, 2018 at 08:00 hours at Golden Valley (GART) near the layby along the Great North Road in Chisamba. Involved was Phiri Gelvasio aged 49 years of unknown address who was driving a Higer passengers Bus belonging to Yamukombe Express carrying about 35 passengers Registration number BAB 4419 moving from the direction of North (Nakonde) to South Lusaka) and Clement Banda aged 36 years of unmarked House number Garden House in Lusaka who was driving a Truck and Trailer belonging to Roadways transport Freightliner Registration number ABZ 5449 and ABV 8430T from the direction of South to North. The accident happened when the driver of the Freightliner was overtaking improperly, hence collided with the Bus which was coming from the opposite direction,” stated Katongo.

“The driver of the Bus died on the spot while the 30 passengers on board sustained serious injuries. The driver of the truck and his passenger are also serious injured and are all admitted to Liteta Hospital. The body of the deceased person is in the same Hospital mortuary.”