Bahati PF member of parliament Harry Kalaba says now that the court has nullified the deregistration of the Democratic Party (DP), Zambians must support the political movement which he is leading.

And Kalaba says he will re-look the invitation letter from DP to contest the presidency on its ticket in 2021.

Meanwhile, Kalaba has wondered where government is getting the new breed of Chinese nationals who are doing everything in Zambia.

On Thursday, the Lusaka High Court quashed the decision by the Registrar of Societies to deregister Democratic Party saying their decision was not only illegal but irrational, unreasonable and procedurally improper.

High Court Judge Sharon Newa directed the said Registrar of Societies to issue the party with a duplicate certificate of registration.

And speaking in an interview with News Diggers! Kalaba who is former foreign affaires minister, said the judgement by the Lusaka High Court was a huge milestone in implementing confidence in the judiciary.

He congratulated DP for a well fought battle and for refusing mediocrity.

“Yesterday (Thursday) shocked the whole world, it shocked Zambia. They surprised all of us with what they did. For me this is a huge milestone in implementing the confidence in the judiciary. I first of all congratulate the Democratic Party for a very well fought battle, for refusing mediocrity, for refusing the abuse by those who occupy offices, wanting to sit on their very fundamental rights,” he said.

“This is a country of laws. The courts have told us that both the weak and the power are equal before the law. Really for me, I celebrate this judgement because it’s a huge milestone not only in our democratic dispensation but also in instilling confidence in the judiciary.”

Kalaba hoped that those in offices given the mandate to execute duties on behalf of Zambians, would do so honourably without trying to abuse their offices.

“They should not try to abuse their offices but they should use their offices to the advantage of the citizens of Zambia, for whom they are sitting in those offices. So it’s a huge landmark in Zambia,” he said.

Meanwhile Kalaba said he would re-look the invitation letter from DP to contest on its ticket in 2021 now that they had won the deregistration case.

He called on Zambians to support the party saying, after looking at their manifesto and intentions, he was convinced that they meant well for the country.

“The Democratic Party has written to me and I’m yet to respond to their letter. Now that they have won, I will have to re-look at their letter again. But I support them very much because I have looked at their manifesto, I have looked at their intention, they mean well for this country and everybody needs to support them,” he said.

Asked whether he would accept the offer, Kalaba said he would leave that for another day, but stressed that the PF needed to be kicked out of government in 2021.

“I will leave that for another day. For now just know that the Democratic Party needs to be supported by all well meaning Zambians. These PF people, these PF guys in government, will need to be kicked out in 2021. For all they have done for us is that they have just brought us fire tenders, they have just brought us the Chinese,” said Kalaba.

“And I don’t know where they are getting this breed of Chinese from because when you look at the Chinese, the Chinese have helped Zambia so much in the past. This country is like this because of the help that China has rendered to us. But it was fair play as Kaunda would call it. But now what is happening is that everything now is being done by China.”