Senior Chief Ishindi of the Lunda speaking people in Zambezi district says the people of North-Western Province are thirsty for change because they want a government that delivers campaign promises.

And Chief Ishindi says Harry Kalaba’s resignation as Foreign Affairs Minister showed that something was not right in government.

Speaking when the 2021 presidential aspirant, Kalaba, paid a courtesy call on him at his palace in Zambezi district on Monday, Chief Ishindi said his subjects were looking towards people who had a serious agenda.

“I want to be very open about these issues, I don’t want to beat about the bush. We are looking towards serious people who have got an agenda, who can call a spade, a spade and break the ice. You know, me I am too critical and open, I don’t believe in promises, I believe in action because our people are tired of being given promises during campaigns,” Chief Ishindi said.

“So I wish too welcome you honourable, this is your place, you are welcome. It is my prayer that you find the place conducive and identify people that are going to work with you and support you. Us as the royal council, we are a mother to every child, we are a mother to every political party but obviously, I won’t vote for all the political party, I only have one vote like anyone else. So people must market themselves effectively, to win the hearts of the people here.”

And chief Ishindi encouraged Kalaba to campaign without intimidation in his chiefdom.
“There is no other thing one can do than saying ‘here I am, I also want to take the challenge and see what I can do for you, it’s not being against a particular political, it is a democratic right for anyone to form a political party and also go around to sell that political party and let the people know, hear your views, hear your vision about what change you intend to bring to the country. And that’s what will bring about change in the country, change in government, change in policies and values. What we want to see is a Zambia with balanced development,” he said.

And Chief Ishindi commended Kalaba for resigning from government saying he was now speaking from a practical standpoint.

“Your resignation from government as foreign affairs minister was not a small thing, it was a landmark decision which I think sent wavelength in this country, as things in government are not right. And you could not be part of it, you did not want to work in an environment that compromises your principles. And now you have come to say to say yes, I left because I want to put things right, so here I am now. It’s a very big test to the people of Zambia, in fact you are saying; if you want a better system, ‘what I saw was not right, so here I am now’. I think you are speaking from a very practical situation where having been in government and having come out of it. Your position is different from those who are still in government, who still think that everything is okay and when they will speak one day that something was wrong in government, people won’t believe them, they will tell them that when you were in government you didn’t see all these wrongs, everything was honey for you.” Chief Ishindi said.

Meanwhile, Chief Ishindi said his subjects were thirsty for a change in governance systems.
“My people here are thirsty to see a change in terms of governance system, how affairs of governance must be handled, how the resources of this country must be managed. We would like to see three cardinal points: equitable and fair distribution of natural resources, we want to see a governance system which upholds the rule of law where things like corruption, tribalism, nepotism and all the things that can destroy this country, are eradicated. We also want to see fair distribution of developmental projects because Zambia is one, if we are saying one Zambia, one nation, then the oneness must be all inclusive,” said Chief Ishindi.

And in response, Kalaba said there was need for people to speak out against the wrongs of government.
“Your royal highness firstly I want to say I am very happy to be here…Your royal highness this country is on the crossroads. I was foreign affairs minister and I elected to relinquish my position because I did not agree with the way this country is being governed, I did not agree that the poor people whom government should be concerned with are now just secondary. And the primary issue that government is pursuing, are just businesses and the co-operates. Your royal highness, in a time like this in our country, there must be people who should stand up and say certain aspects should not be tolerated. I have chosen a very difficult path, but I think it gives me a lot of satisfaction as a person because in this generation we are all being called to greatness. This country, your royal highness, is rich, it is only poor with leadership,” said Kalaba.