Pupils at Matete Basic School in Kitwe this morning protested the continued delay of their grade 9 Examinations.

The pupils gathered at their school early in the morning, ready for their examinations, but management informed them that government had not yet communicated on the way forward.

This agitated the pupils who organized themselves and started to sing songs of displeasure before they rushed to close Central Street which leads to Copperbelt Energy Corporation and Nkana East.

However, a quick action by the police prevented the riots from getting out of hand.

And some pupils talked to lamented that the continued delay in writing their exams would disturb them.

“We want to write the exams. If they have canceled the exams why can’t they prepare new papers so that we write? We are disturbed because we are losing focus. We had prepared enough,” said Abigail Musonda.

And police have also prevented a riot from breaking out at Kitwe Boys Secondary School.

The Kitwe Boys pupils had gathered to stage a protest but police dispersed them before they could go to the roadside.