PF-sponsored private investigator David Silubanje says opposition political parties have resorted to spreading falsehoods and other desperate acts because they are having a hard time organising themselves.

And Silubanje has accused the United Party for National Development (UPND) of showing fake and cosmetic commitment to the dialogue process.

Addressing journalists at Chrismar Hotel, Wednesday, Silubanje claimed his investigation into the riots which broke out in Kitwe revealed that opposition parties, led by UPND, incited Monday’s uprising.

He also called on the police to arrest all culprits involved in violence.

“There is a serious discovery on the acts of sabotage by the opposition. We have seen the propaganda, which is going on against the government that state-owned enterprises have been sold. But [according to] our investigation, there is no company, which has been sold. It is true that the opposition parties are facing difficulties in mobilizing their parties. So, they have resorted to desperate acts to distract public order by inflammatory propaganda that seeks to agitate locals against foreign nationals, particularly the Chinese. They have shamelessly engaged in desperate acts to plant false and dangerous information to locals and foreign media, inciting communities to act against foreigners who ordinary Zambians have for a long time lived in peace with. I am now a grown-up person, but even the time I was born, I [also] found a lot of foreigners around. But this behaviour by the opposition is very un-Zambian,” Silubanje said.

“On the Copperbelt recently, some known opposition senior staff were busy distributing leaflets all over town that the government has sold and is in process of selling companies, such as: ZAFICCO, ZNBC, ZCCM-IH. But ZNBC can never be sold because it was formed by an Act of Parliament. Believe me, all the 33 companies in this, no one has bought them. Carry out your investigations, you will find that these companies have not been sold to anyone. In fact, to show that this government is not willing to sell any company, you will see the issue of Zamtel, I am sure all of us we may have heard that Zamtel was sold to LapGreen, but this government when it came in, it brought back the company to Zambians. This is protecting Zambians.”

Silubanje called on the police to take action against everyone promoting lies to divide the country.

“I am calling upon the security wings to do their job and stop this kind of behaviour! The police are mandated to help us because on our own, we cannot bring the peace. When we want to talk, we will come to you as journalists, but when we want peace, when there is a problem, we want the police to protect us. So, we want the police to investigate this matter thoroughly so that we are able to enjoy. We don’t want to be looking over our shoulders when we are moving in our compounds. This intention to agitate members of the community in riotous behaviour we have seen on the Copperbelt is the worst thing that people could be subjected to in this country,” said Silubanje.