Police in Kitwe have turned down a notification by the UPND to have peaceful protests on Monday next week.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, PF youths led by their provincial youth Chairman Nathan Chanda held solidarity protests against what they called xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals by the UPND.

The PF on Wednesday were joined by the small scale miners commonly known as Jerabos, who said they would sort out anyone who attacked foreign investors.

And on Thursday, UPND Copperbelt Youth Chairman Kelly Jibinga sent in a notification letter to the police on their planned protests on Monday.

But according to a letter obtained by News Diggers! in Kitwe, the police have denied the UPND a permit to protests.

“This formation cannot grant permission due to the following reasons. According to the Public Order Act, notification should be tendered in to the police 7 days before the day of execution. The information which has been circulated on social media to cause disturbances countryside when HH is summoned to Ndola, is therefore a security threat. The other reason has been that a demonstration against ZAFFICO share is a confirmation which will lead into causing another riot since the case for the rioters who were apprehended is still before the court. This may also send false alarm thereby leading to rioting,” P. Mutti officer in charge at Kitwe Central Police said in a letter addressed to the UPND.

“On this day officers will be engaged in other duties therefore, it will not be possible to police the event. Therefore, due to the above reasons given above, this formation is not able to grant a go ahead on the notification.”