Wusakile independent member of parliament Pafyuma Kalobo says there is no unfairness in the allocation of Constituency Development Funds (CDF) by government as it is being alleged by opposition members of parliament.

And Kalobo says he is not preoccupied with re election in 2021 because he has a five-year mandate in which he has to execute all the promises made in the last elections.

Speaking to News Diggers in an interview, Kalobo said those members of parliament who were claiming to have difficulties accessing the CDF from government were just politicking, explaining that there was no bias whatsoever in the allocation of those funds.

“Me I don’t like politicking. In terms of accessing CDF, there is no bias on the part of government. If they prepare the money and say ‘we giving 100 people’, then they will just give those 100 people without even looking as to who they are. Me I am an independent member of parliament, but [this year] I received CDF before even some of the PF members of parliament received theirs. Even other UPND members received their allocations earlier. And if you are to go to the Ministry of Local government, they will give you a list of the first round of people who benefited from the CDF allocation. And this issue is something I looked at because it was another worry for me when I was coming to Parliament as a new member, I had that in mind because of the propaganda that I had been hearing that opposition MPs were the the last ones to receive CDF. But from what I have come to learn here, there is no ‘biasness’, that is just politicking. People should learn to put Zambia first, they should not advance personal interests,” Kalobo said.

Meanwhile, Kalobo said unlike some of the members of parliament on the Copperbelt who were allegedly posturing for re-adoption in the 2021 elections, he was only interested in doing his best during the five-year mandate still had a long way.

“I want to indicate that I am not one of the people lining up for adoption in 2021. Personally, me as a member of parliament for Wusakile constituency, I am not preoccupied with 2021. I have got a five-year mandate already and I have a duty to deliver in these five years that the people of Wusakile have given me. So why should I start looking for 2021? It’s the people who are supposed to qualify me for our next term, after I have been performed. So me I am looking at this five-year mandate that I have been given already. The social contract I have with the people of Wusakile is from 2016 to 2021, I don’t have a social contract with them after 2021, no. I have not been given that contract yet so I can’t be preoccupied with it,” said Kalobo.