Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga says Republican President Edgar Lungu and his rival Hakainde Hichilema have demonstrated great maturity by meeting to confer on the long-overdue political dialogue process.

The three Church mother bodies revealed, Tuesday, that President Lungu met his UPND counterpart last Monday, November 12 at an disclosed location where the two reportedly called each other “brothers.”

Commenting on the development in Lusaka, Wednesday, Mwaanga said his faith in Zambia has been revitalised after learning of the meeting, adding that the two should meet often to create a peaceful atmosphere around the country.

“My faith in my country has been renewed upon learning of the private meeting on 12th November, 2018, between President Edgar Lungu and UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema. It has been my firmly-held belief expressed directly to the two leaders that they needed to meet and discuss the many problems facing our country. By meeting under the watchful eye of the Church mother bodies, they have demonstrated great maturity and put the interests of our country above self. They have made me proud of my country,” Mwaanga said.

“In commending both of them for taking this small step, and it is my fervent hope and prayer, that these two brothers and leaders of our country, will meet more often going forward and begin to develop trust and confidence in each other. They have also demonstrated leadership, which I hope will be emulated by their officials and supporters below, who must be made to understand that politics is not war, that Zambia belongs to all Zambians and that even when we disagree on certain issues, we should do so in a respectful manner, without being disagreeable, devoid of hatred and ill-temper.”

He added that Zambia can become even greater if the spirit of dialogue becomes a norm where citizens tolerate divergent views from each other.

“We have a great country and if this spirit demonstrated by our two leaders becomes the norm, then we can all work together to make our country even greater. My special thanks are reserved for the three Church mother bodies for arranging this meeting and for asking God to guide our two leaders in their meeting. They strengthen my long-held belief that they are best-suited to lead our national political dialogue process, which will lead to national reconciliation in our country,” observed Mwaanga.