Namwala UPND member of parliament Moono Lubezhi has complained that farmers in her constituency have not been supplied with their 2017 farmer inputs which they paid for.

And Lubezhi has further complained that those who supplied their maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) have not been paid neither.

In an interview, Lubezhi said it was sad that the rains have now started when her farmers have not received what they deserve.

“I am so disappointed with this PF government. Now at least in Lusaka there is onset of rain but back in Namwala the rains are not yet there and I know they have powers to delay the payments of farmers but they have no powers to delay the rains. They haven’t paid those who paid last year, those who paid the monies last year have not been given their farming inputs, they haven’t paid those who sold maize to FRA. So how the hell do they expect them to go about this farming season?” Lubezhi asked.

“For the people of Namwala, farming to them is their livelihood. So if you don’t give them their input even when they pay to this so-called e-voucher, then you are killing them. I am so disappointed with this PF government [because] there is nothing that PF is doing, there is nothing that PF does that’s yields good results. Everything in PF has just collapsed. It is just full of corruption, everything is just corruption,” Lubezhi said.

And Lubezhi said she has not received any Constituency Development Funds (CDF) in 2018.

“I have not received CDF from 2014, that was the last time I received the full CDF, then 2017 they gave me K700, 000 [but] what is K700 000 with these escalating high cost in this country? We really have to do something and put our country back to where it’s supposed to be, otherwise ordinary citizens will die under this PF,” said Lubezhi.