Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says any cadres that will accompany NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili to Luanshya police will be arrested and locked up.

Katanga said under her charge, she does not want to see cadres near any police station.

Police in Luanshya had summoned Kambwili to appear for interviews today, but the NDC leader has indicated that he will only appear next weak because he has a court case tomorrow.

“My stance as police chief, I will not be allowing cadres to come at police stations because they have been causing confusion and that will not be allowed. They are supposed to allow the police to operate independently without any interference or confusion. So I will not allow cadres who are not part of that to come,” Katanga said.

“The people that have no business are not allowed to come, full stop! I don’t want confusion under my charge. We will not going to tolerate. We have seen a lot of commotion where tear gas is discharged, so that we won’t allow. They will not be allowed to come near the police station or they will be arrested and locked up for misconduct. So they are better off to stay away.”

She has advised political leaders to tame their cadres.

“We advise their leaders to tame them, because its not us who invite them. Police don’t go to look for people,” said Katanga.