A Catholic priest in Chililabombwe District on Sunday showered praises and messages of good will on Democratic Party 2021 presidential candidate Harry Kalaba when he attended mass at St. Pius the tenth parish.

St. Pius the tenth parish priest Reverend Father Chalwe Chonde told Kalaba that he was praying for him so that he could continue drawing closer to State House.

He said Zambians needed a loving and practical president who would translate his words into actions.

“The God who has begun the good work in you will bring it to fulfilment so you need to continue trusting in him. Our lives are projects, God is working in you, you are a project of God and he will continue shaping you so that you may become a finished product. No evil will prevent, no corruption will prevent, no rigging will prevent. I remember when I was a deacon, one lady made a mistake and we said we shall punish you, she was sad and said to me ‘you will never be a priest, my hand should be cut off if you become a priest’ but I am a priest but the lady’s hand has not been cut. So bwana president, the intention you have of becoming president of Zambia will come to pass, hardworking pays, patience pays. Having a good heart and a listening ear will see you through,” Fr Chonde said.

“The people of Zambia are not difficult, they need a president who can understand them, they need a person who can work hard to create opportunities, a vibrant leader, a leader full of love, a leader who is pragmatic, practical, walking the talk as well as talking the walk, a leader who will connect their words with works. We are yearning for leaders who can speak and act. And we are praying for you so that you may continue drawing nearer, nearer to State House. As you are moving about, you need to convince yourself that I am drawing nearer to State House.”

And Fr Chonde encouraged Kalaba to continue worshipping with Christians in churches.

“You need to become a good Christian before you can become president of Zambia. So the journey that you have started, worshipping in churches, creating relations with Christians, is very important because your political career will have a very good backing, the backing that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. To read the scripture when you are alone is very important, to pray always is very important, you will never go backwards,” said Fr Chonde.

“Some people say ‘I have stopped voting, I will never vote again because whenever I vote I get disappointed, twavotela ba Sata bafwa, ba Mwanawasa bafwa (we voted for Sata he died, Mwanawasa also died).’ Don’t give up, God will raise a perfect leader for mother Zambia, continue voting. Indeed, we need a President in future who will bring peace, who will bring justice, a president who will be a lover of the people of Zambia.”

And Kalaba thanked Fr Chonde for the words of encouragement.

“I am very thankful father for the reception given to us at this parish and I am grateful for the kind words from you. I am asking that you continue praying for us leaders as Christians. And yes it is true, that in 2021 I will also be running for the position of republican president of this country and I pray that you will be remembering me in your prayers as Christians of this parish,” said Kalaba.