NAREP president Elias Chipimo has urged opposition parties who have come together to form an alliance to be prepared to learn from each another, saying no political party in Zambia is complete in itself.

In NAREP’s weekly newsletter to News Diggers! Chipimo stated that recently, 10 opposition parties came together, not to select a candidate for a future election, but to fight for the ordinary lives that were being destroyed by the mediocrity, corruption and greed that had engulfed the nation.

“We came together to discuss ways in which our individual strengths and capabilities can be best coordinated and utilised to bring about a sense of hope in our citizens and a prosperous future for current and unborn generations. It is, of course, inevitable that the debate about a single candidate will emerge, but if we occupy our minds worrying about that at this stage, we will miss the opportunity to find each other’s strengths and cover up for each other’s weaknesses as we forge a path that will re-define how we pursue our politics,” Chipimo stated.

He stated that their success as the opposition would be based on the effort they put into applying their talents for the common good of the nation.

“Particularly, the most vulnerable among us: those battling to put a meal on the family table each day; those struggling with serious health challenges with limited or no financial means to address their plight; those seeking employment or vending on the open streets as a means of survival; those battling with addiction and substance abuse brought on by the hopelessness of their poverty,” he stated.

Chipimo further stated that as an alliance, opposition political parties should be prepared to learn from one another, as well as, grow through an understanding of the things they lacked that could be complimented by the strengths of others.

“No political party in Zambia is complete in and of itself. Indeed, no individual can exist by themselves. We each require the effort and support of others to live and to thrive. In order to build the Zambia we all yearn for, we have to build the foundation of unity in the mould of our forebears who worked hard to see beyond tribe and helped us to see it, too; who sought to live within their means and not make the pursuit of illicit wealth their sole ambition; who understood the enduring power of investing in our people. That is the Zambia we stand united to reclaim,” he explained.

“There will be naysayers and doubters and those that will make it their aim to bring an end to what we are trying to build together. Nothing worth fighting for ever came easy. But this is a fight that must be fought and won; a fight that will ultimately benefit even those who – out of fear that they will lose their grip on power – will use all the means at their disposal to attempt to discredit and destroy not only our aims, but our very lives.”

He urged other opposition parties to join the alliance.

“Regardless of who comes to power, it will be important to have established a solid working relationship among the various political stakeholders around agreed approaches to these and the other matters on our common agenda. Our doors remain open to all that seek a better Zambia, including genuine opposition parties that are yet to step into this partnership. Join us,” appealed Chipimo.