NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge says negative rantings will not make NDC pull out of the opposition alliance because they joined with open hands.

And Musenge says the PF should discuss its own internal wrangles as opposed to talking about the opposition alliance, saying the political coalition is genuine, solid and will not crumble.

In NDC’s weekly newsletter to News Diggers! Musenge noted that there was so much talk on the newly-formed alliance by the 10 opposition political parties, adding that their coming together had sent shivers in the PF.

He explained that the opposition political parties had teamed up to speak out with one voice on matters of national interest.

“It’s definitely game over for the PF. The opposition alliance has genuine men and women who are determined by ensuring that the political playing field is levelled for all political players. Already, some hoodlums from the PF have branded the consortium as a congregation of desperate men and women. These charlatans have gone further making weird predictions that the alliance will soon crack,” Musenge stated.

“Over the last couple of weeks, our secretariat has received numerous queries over the said alliance. Our supporters want to know what the alliance is all about. We have explained to them that we have teamed up with other political groupings to speak out with one voice on matters of national interest. We have told them that for as long as we do not put our efforts together in fighting this brutal regime, our efforts will be put in vain.”

Musenge stated that the alliance was genuine, solid and would therefore not crumble.

“Are we really serious being in the alliance? Yes, we are. We firmly believe that this alliance shall not fold. It shall not crumble. It is genuine and solid. We shall remain strong and steadfast. Money, bickering, greed for power and positions will never preoccupy us. As NDC, we have gone into the alliance with open hands. Our consultant, Chishimba Kambwili, and members of the central committee believe that the opposition alliance is founded on solid grounds on matters of common interest,” he narrated.

Musenge further stated that NDC would continue collaborating with genuine political partners in finding solutions to the many challenges Zambia was facing, and insisted that they would not pull out of the alliance.

And Musenge encouraged the PF to discuss its own internal wrangles and stop discussing the opposition alliance.

“Despite the negative cheap talk from the PF, its sponsored thugs masquerading as independent media and political groupings, we shall not move out of the consortium of political parties. PF should discuss its own internal wrangles and stop discussing the opposition alliance. PF will write off the opposition alliance, but we mean well. This criticism will make us strong. We are ready to brave the storm. PF and its agents will try and divide the alliance, but we are above board and will soldier on,” he vowed.

Musenge stated that PF members should instead discuss how they would oust President Edgar Lungu at their forthcoming 2020 party convention.

“Instead of discussing and disparaging the alliance, the PF should discuss the shame and mediocrity President Lungu has brought to Zambia. PF members should discuss how this regime will dismantle the debt Zambia is facing. The PF should further discuss the stinking corruption being perpetuated by Mr. Lungu and his cohorts,” stated Mwenya.

“We firmly believe that a united opposition is in the best interest of our great country on matters of national interest. We know that the Lungu regime will use all available tricks and instruments to frustrate our initiatives. But with God on our side, we shall persevere. Negative rantings will not make the leadership of the NDC to leave the opposition alliance. We have entered the opposition alliance with open hands and have not made any preconditions.”