National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has refuted social media speculation that government has released some funds to transport 22 pastors to Gwembe to fight a female ghost.

Yesterday, a story went viral on social media indicating that government, through Rev Sumaili’s ministry, had released funds amounting to K558, 000 to transport 22 pastors to go to Gwembe district of Southern Province where residents and civil servants are said to be living in fear of a female ghost which has been terrorizing them.

But in an interview, Rev Sumaili said whilst government was concerned about the welfare of people in that area, the said article was false.

She said the public would be communicated to if there will be any such arrangements.

“My daughter you can even tell yourself that that is not true. That is false and don’t peddle false. That is totally [false], everything is false. How can we release K558, 000 on pastors going to pray? Instead we are putting something in place to go and help the community, the people are in fear in that area and there is witchcraft. So we need to go and see how we can help the people but fyonse ifyo (all that) are just lies. I didn’t say anything and we haven’t said anything. When we are ready to go and [after] we have made arrangements…and we can’t go with 22 pastors, how? It’s not possible. It is totally false and thank you so much for clarifying,” said Sumaili.