The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has deployed the Mobile Policing Vehicles (MPVs) to crack down on overdue speed fines.

In statement issued by RTSA PR department, the agency said it would also use the MPVs to track other traffic offences and warned guilty motorists with speeding fines to be ready to pay on-the-spot.

“The Road Transport and Safety Agency in conjunction with the Zambia Police Traffic Department has commenced the deployment of Mobile Policing Vehicles (MPVs) aimed at cracking down on overdue speed fines. By using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology embedded in the MPVs, offenders will be stopped and pulled over to be charged on the spot and issued with a Traffic Offence Report and Notice of Intended Prosecution. The deployment team will also be on the look-out for other offences including; expired road tax; drinking and driving; excessive speeds; un-roadworthy vehicles; unlicensed drivers; uninsured vehicles; using a phone or holding it while driving; failure to wear seatbelt; etc,” RTSA warned in a statement.

RTSA has since advised motorists with overdue speed fines to pay to avoid being inconvenienced by the new mobile tracking system.

“A Mobile Policing Vehicle is a fully-equipped enforcement vehicle with an in-built system that includes: camera unit, which detects and captures vehicles on the Vehicles Of Special Interest (VOSI) list. These are vehicles that have outstanding fines and other offences; safety equipment that includes cordon equipment and first-aid kits for roadside emergencies as well as alcohol breathalysers; communications unit, which includes real-time links between the field team and key contact points such as RTSA Control Centre; ZP traffic command and medical services. In order to avoid journey interruption and inconvenience, all motorists with overdue speed fines are advised to make payments online at,” read the statement.