UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says party members must engage him before commenting on the opposition alliance to avoid confusion.

In a statement, Katuka assured alliance members that his party was committed to the fundamental principles on which it was formed.

“We have time and again called for a collective political front for the sake of the national peace and growth as we believe that every person has the requisite skill and intellect in contributing to national development which must be harnessed fully. Being the democratic party that is and believer in the tenets of freedom of speech, the UPND allows its members to freely express their views and opinions. However, all UPND officials are advised to engage the office of the Secretary General before commenting on the Alliance of political parties,” Katuka said.

“The UPND therefore wishes to assure its alliance partners that it still remains committed to the fundamentals for which the Alliance was formed and pledge total commitment to its beliefs. Long live the Alliance, Long live Zambia,”

And Katuka said PF had misplaced priorities which had led to the collapse of the country’s economic and social gains that were scored by previous regimes.

“The United Party for National Development (UPND), believes in collective responsibility in addressing national issues hence its decision to into a respectable and practical Alliance with 11 other likeminded and progressive political parties with a common goal of tackling the deficits with the a focused and holistic approach as it is our belief that no man is a fountain of wisdom. Our allegiance to the Alliance of the political parties is premised on the belief that Zambia as a country is bleeding from the numerous atrocities and misplaced priorities under the PF, leading to a total collapse of its economic and social gains of early 2000 when visionary leaders ruled this country,” Katuka said.

Katuka said if the opposition did not unite to face the PF, the country would be doomed.

“It is no longer a disputable fact that our country is undergoing one of the worst periods of its history because of the failure by the PF to provide focused leadership. It is also an indisputable fact that the failure by the opposition to unite in the face of PF bad governance as well as the lack of independent institutions of governance such as the ECZ, Judiciary and the Police, would not only spell doom for this generation but posterity as well. It is for this reason that the UPND remains proud and committed to be a part of the 11 other progressive political parties that have chosen national service and not self-service as we understand that the growth of the nation and its economic fortunes is dependent on a united political front and a platform on which responsive leadership can be provided,” said Katuka.

“We believe that there is need for political players, Civil Society, business Community, Students, the Clergy and all other sectors to pull in one direction if national development is to be attained as it is no longer disputable that the PF has completely failed to provide the requisite leadership that would allow this country to benefit from its natural resources.”

Last week, UPND northern province chairman Nathan Ilunga said the UPND did not need any alliance to win the 2021 polls. He said the party would not be forced to change its running mate in the next presidential election.