Aspiring PF Lusaka Province chairman Kennedy Kamba says investigative wings are being used by the opposition UPND to align cabinet ministers to corruption so that when they get fired, President Edgar Lungu can remain alone.

Kamba who is also former PF Lusaka provincial youth chairman told News Diggers in an interview that he also had names of senior officers from investigative wings like ACC, DEC and Zambia Police who are pro-UPND.

He saluted President Lungu for refusing to fire arrested Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela.

“We want to commend the president for the decision he made not to fire honourable Chitotela. We strongly feel as PF members that it is the right decision and in the right direction. In the same vein as the former provincial youth chairman of Lusaka, we want to air our grievances against the investigative wings; the ACC, DEC and other investigative wings. We have information that they are being used by the opposition to weaken the government of His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu to bring down the PF and to usher in the UPND. We have got names of very senior officers at these institutions who are pro-UPND,” Kamba said.

He charged that a list of ministers from PF strongholds like Muchinga, Luapula, and Northern provinces who were loyal to the president were being targeted by investigative wings.

“So in the same vein the PF lost Chishimba Kambwili [and] that is the same formula they want to use even to Chitotela and others. We know that there is a list of members of the party and especially cabinet ministers who are very loyal to the president and who hail from the strongholds of the party which is Muchinga, Luapula, and Northern Provinces are being targeted so that they can pursued them when they are fired, to join the forces of the UPND like what happened to Mr Chishimba Kambwili. And we strongly believe that up to now, the same investigative wings who were alleging that Chishimba Kambwili is corrupt up to now we strongly believe that they haven’t proved him wrong in the courts of law. And by saying so, we are not in any way trying to persuade the decision of the court knowing very well that the matter is before the court,” Kamba charged.

“We strongly feel that Chishimba Kambwili is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law. So in the same vein this is how they want this issue of Chitotela to happen. They want Chitotela to be made to be the enemy of the president and the enemy of the party by using the investigative wings. We want to tell them that we know that they are working with the opposition and as the party we cannot keep quiet. We know that they have got a list of ministers who are to be given false allegations of corruption so that they can scandalise the Government of His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu [and] the scandalise the PF Government. The ministers who are being targeted are coming from the strongholds of the PF.”

And Kamba warned that he would not praise investigative wings of government which had been infiltrated by the opposition.

“But we want to warn the investigative wings that let them not politicise those institutions. Let them not take politics to ACC, let them not take politics to DEC, police and other investigative wings because we are not going to keep quiet. All they want is to frustrate, arrest [and] scandalise those who are pro PF, those who are loyal to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu so that the president can remain vulnerable, which we are not going to allow as the party,” said Kamba.