Director of National Parks and Wildlife in the Ministry of Tourism Paul Zyambo has refuted claims published by the Zambia Daily Mail on February 15, 2019, alleging that some people were airlifting wild animals from Zambia.

In a statement issued by Ministry of Tourism and Arts Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe, the director stated that whilst there were cases of people airlifting animals in the region, Zambia was an exception.

“Director of National Parks and Wildlife, Mr. Paul Zyambo hs said there are no animals being airlifted from any Zambia’s national parks. Recting to the an article that appeared in the Zambian Daily Mail dated 15 February 2019; the director said that some poaching syndicates have used helicopter in the poaching of rhinos in some parts of the region but not in Zambia,” read the statement.

“He indicated that illegal activities in protected areas are sophisticated, transnational and that other equipment is used in such activities. The Article stated that Mr. Zyambo had said wildlife trafficking in sophisticated because traffickers fly into the country helicopters and airlift animals. It further said that people who were stealing animals were from other countries who fly in to drug animals and fly them out of the National Parks.”