PF Media director Sunday Chanda says UPND is playing double standards by demanding that President Edgar Lungu fires corruption-accused Minister of Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela when they had failed to discipline two of their MPs who are equally accused of theft.

Speaking at a PF interactive forum, Sunday, Chanda said wondered why the UPND was not treating its theft-accused MPs like lepers.

“The move by the UPND MPs to continue walking out on our Minister of Infrastructure Honourable
Chitotela, is a clear demonstration of the double standards that are characterizing the UPND. You know very well that two UPND MPs have been arrested for corruption and theft. The UPND has not treated those two MPs as political lepers, they continue to embrace them and look at them as honourable MPs. The same law that says that the UPND MPs who have been arrested are innocent until proven guilty, is the same law that President Lungu used to say Honourable Chitotela was innocent until proven guilty. So if the UPND was serious with the fight against corruption and if they were moralists as they want us to believe, they would have advised their MPs to relinquish their seats, but the clear demonstration of double standards by the UPND is something we can laugh at,” Chanda said.

And Chanda refuted claims by the opposition alliance that the fake article attributed to hospitalised Peoples’ Party leader Mike Mulongoti was authored by the PF.

“We have seen that the so-called opposition alliance is saying the article purportedly written by Mr Mike Mulongoti was authored by the PF, it was not. The article looked authentic and was almost easy to believe, we condemn whoever authored it and made it available on Social Media. We have been made aware that Honourble Mulongoti is still receiving treatment in South Africa and he continues to be in our prayers. As the PF, we wish him all the best,” said Chanda.