Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) secretary general Fr Emmanuel Chikoya says he cannot comment on Bishop Sydney Sichilima’s resignation because the bishop only communicated his decision to ZNBC.

Last week, Bishop Sichilima informed ZNBC of his decision to resign from his position as CCZ president as well as from being a member of the three church mother bodies saying he wanted to protect his integrity.

But in an interview, Fr Chikoya said the church would only comment on Bishop Sichilima’s resignation after receiving the purported resignation letter.

“I have no comment. I cannot comment on a letter that I have not received and since it was a letter that was directed to ZNBC so I am restrained and we will only issue a comment after due consultations and when we are in actual possession of the purported letter. I hope you understand because How can I comment on something that I don’t know?” asked Fr Chikoya.