UPND deputy secretary general says the Patriotic Front is practicing politics which are alien to Zambia in order to disadvantage the opposition because they are dunderheads.

In an interview, Mucheleka charged that because the PF “had a terrible candidate in Bahati”, they tried to kidnap UPND’s “popular” candidate, Jerry Bwalya.

“The PF have reduced the level of politics in this country to an extent of engaging themselves in something alien to this country, I don’t know where they are getting these things from, are they really Zambians? Is this something that they have gotten from Malawi or somewhere? Because not even in Malawi do we hear of such nonsense; attempting to kidnap opposition candidates, to bribe and blackmail candidates,” Mucheleka said.

“It is strange, it is unZambian. We are aware in Mansa they have such a terrible candidate contesting on their ticket and they are admiring our popular candidate, hence they have been devising ways and means of hijacking him, they went to his mother’s house, they have gone to his relatives in Bahati, threatening them…the same nonsense they were doing in Sesheke. They don’t just learn, I don’t know what type of people they are, they are dunderheads! It’s not that we are insulting them but surely what kind of people are they who do such things for the sake of winning elections? Only dunderheads can do such things as inflicting pain on fellow Zambians. Surely in this time and era we should be hiding our candidates and only unveil them during nominations?”

Mucheleka said PF’s poor leadership was denting Zambia’s image.

“Let us exercise civility, let’s campaign freely. Ourselves with our alliance partners we are saying can our campaigns be based on issues, we don’t want violence. The economy of this country is in shambles; look at the high poverty and corruption levels. Zambians are looking for men and women who can deliver this country from the hands of these fellows who have reduced this country to its lowest. Our image is in tartars everywhere in the world,” Mucheleka said.

Meanwhile, Mucheleka explained why the opposition alliance had decided to present a united front in Bahati and Roan.

“We are supporting the NDC candidate Mr. Chishala and the reason is simple, an injury to one is an injury to all. In Roan we decided to stand in solidarity with the NDC, that seat belonged to Chishimba Kambwili and you are aware that he had fallen victim under the machinations of the PF in the same way that they have been doing all sorts of injustice on all of us, especially on our leader Hakainde Hichilema. And now what we have been going through has also been extended to NDC. When NDC is injured, UPND equally feel injured and for that reason we are standing together. Hence the decision that all opposition alliance member political parties will support NDC in Roan and that they will all support the UPND in Bahati,” said Mucheleka.