Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba says things keep getting worse in the country and there can’t be peace in a hungry nation.

And Kabimba says students must participate in the change of government in 2021, arguing that it is impossible for them to aspire for better lives under the PF and Professor Nkandu Luo as Minister of Higher Education.

Speaking when he featured on One Love Radio, Wednesday, Kabimba said the only thing that was remaining in PF was its famous green chitenge.

“The PF has betrayed the spirit of Michael Sata; they have betrayed the ideology as enshrined in the preamble of the party. The only thing that has remained in the green chitenge material, which has replaced Michael’s face with Edgar’s face, everything else they have thrown away! Every country goes through a betrayed revolution to get where they want to be, and I believe that the Rainbow Party will get there and develop this country within one or two years of being elected,” Kabimba said.

“The country is getting worse and worse every day and the number of people that are poor is growing everyday and we can’t have a nation like that because a nation like that cannot be a peaceful nation. There is no nation of hungry people, which is peaceful, so I want to pray to God and also appeal to my fellow Zambians that if we worked together, if we joined hands together, whether as political parties or outside political parties, if we created an identity of our own, as Zambians, we shall be respected as Zambians world over.”

And Kabimba called on students from higher learning institutions to participate in the change of government in 2021, saying it was impossible for them to aspire for better lives under the PF and Professor Luo as Minister of Higher Education.

“How is it that we are failing to run two or three public universities? Completely! And South Africa which has 26 is running them efficiently. Why? What levels of incompetence are these exhibited in my country? I want to appeal to the students that if you want to have a better life, surely it can’t be under PF, if you want to have a good life; it can’t be under the likes of Luo as the Minister of Higher Education! If you want to have a better life, participate in the affairs of this country to change government by listening to leaders that have a message of compassion to you as students and citizens of this country,” Kabimba said.

He recalled that President Lungu would not have been educated if Dr Kaunda’s UNIP government did not give him a bursary, adding that government should re-instate meal allowances for students.

“They just have to reverse that ridiculous decision and bring back meal allowances, there is no other way! President Lungu came from a poor background like many of us, and if president Kaunda did not provide him the bursary; if he did not provide him with a conducive environment to learn and get a degree, he could have not been President today! Why is it that those of us that are educated, when we get in positions of power, we forget the others, we do not want to improve the environment that we developed ourselves? We want to put others down? Where does this spirit come from? It comes from being bad leaders, that’s what I believe,” said Kabimba.

Meanwhile, Kabimba said he had started writing a book detailing his experience in PF and government during Sata’s time.

“I was the Secretary General of the PF, but I was not the only one there. I was in a group of other colleagues that worked just as hard as I did. We had a very good leader at the helm of the party. And let me take this opportunity to say that I have started writing my book, now that Guy Scott’s book is out, I have started writing mine so that those of us who were close to Michael Sata can put the record straight in the hope that others after us can learn from the lessons we had in the past,” said Kabimba.