NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says his first instruction when he becomes Head of State will be to arrest President Edgar Lungu and some of his ministers for theft of national resources.

And Kambwili says his party’s victory in the Roan by-election will mark the beginning of a revolution.

At a campaign rally in Roan, Wednesday, Kambwili said the PF campaign team was dishing out stolen money to the electorate in order to win their votes.

“Because Lungu is a very cruel, if there are cruel people in this world, Lungu is more cruel! Now if you ask why he has become this cruel, it’s because he has committed a lot of crimes. If he will manage even to enter any of the houses he has built after leaving State House, then the must be a man who knows powerful witchdoctors. Because the extent to which he has stolen national resources, he will just hand over the instruments of power to me, just the moment I will reach State House and sit, my first instruction will be that ‘go and arrest Lungu, [Ronald] Chitotela, Chitalu Chilufya and others and take them to prison because I know about their theft very well,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili charged that PF was playing on peoples’ minds by dishing out stolen money in Roan.

“Today they were in Mpatamatu, they lined up people and they were giving them K300 each. And the people they have sent to be dishing out this money are minsters and MPs. I don’t have such money to dish out because I left government with clean hands, if I had stolen they would have arrested me already. But the Bembas say ‘umutaba weshilu baukontola ilyo lipenene’ (you can only benefit from a mad man when madness strikes), right now PF is like a mad man, the money they are bringing is your money, get the money and eat. Let them not cheat you that they will see you if you don’t vote for them after giving you K20,” Kambwili said.

“We are now at the most crucial point, you have voted for me for three times, have you ever seen me come and line you up to give you money so that you vote for me? You should ask where they have gotten that same money they are dishing out. It is your money, they have stolen it from you and subjected you to this suffering, now they are using your suffering and insulting you that you are fools, will vote for us when we give you just K20. They are saying even if people are suffering they will still vote for us when we give them money because they are fools. When you see a government behaving like that you should realise that their time is up, it means that such a government consists of fools only!”

And Kambwili said victory for NDC in Roan would mark the beginning of a revolution.

“What I am asking from you the people of Roan is that I have started a crusade, I want you to give me a mandate to rule this country and wash it of the dirty that PF has brought. The election we are having here is the beginning of the revolution. If we just win this by-election as NDC, just know that Kambwili will rule. And let me tell you, every President makes sure that his home town is developed,” Kambwili said.

“If you want to ruin your representation here in Roan you should elect this Chibuye but I can tell you that he is a coward, there is nothing that he can say and do. You are very lack here in Roan and the whole country knows that this constituency is different from the rest because you have had vibrant MPs. You had Mr. Pwele, he was speaking and you had Kambwili who was roaring, and now I have brought for an offspring of the Leopard, he will also be roaring.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili said it former president Rupiah Banda who instructed President Lungu to fire him from Cabinet because he was a threat.

“When Rupiah Banda retired from the UNIP led government, he went back to his home town in Chipata, the man started suffering. Every morning he was just playing draft with Indians in Chipata until some people told [Levy] Mwanawasa that since Lupando Mwape has lost elections as MP, pick someone from Chipata to become vice-president. And then he asked for someone who was popular in Chipata, that’s how some people suggested Rupiah Banda’s name. And when he became Vice-President, he remembered his suffering and said if I don’t become rich using this opportunity, I may die poor. That’s how he brought blatant crookedness. Sata arrested Rupiah Banda but after he died, Lungu stopped the court cases again RB. It was RB who instructed Lungu to fire me, he told him that Kambwili is very popular, you will not go anywhere if you let him continue in government,” said Kambwili.