President Edgar Lungu on Sunday thrilled PF supporters at a rally as he danced in reaction after former Kafue District Council UPND Chairperson Thomas Zulu referred to him as the custodian of a sack full of money.

And President Lungu says he has transformed Zambia but some people are refusing to eat the nshima and relish which he has set before them.

The Head of State was drumming up support for PF candidate for the Kafue District Council chairmanship, Brig Gen Simakoloyi Moono.

“The council gets money from government. A council is a small government for the district supervised by the national government…you cannot work without government, you cannot bring development without government. Bamene bali nakasaka ka ndalama ni aba ba tate aba (the one with a sack full of money is this man right here),” said Zulu as President Lungu danced with excitement, thrilling the crowd.

“If you distance yourself from the father of this nation, it means you are throwing away the district, you’re throwing away those who voted for you. While I was in UPND, I told the residents that I would lobby for them from our father so that they could see development. But the UPND suspended me for three months just because of that. They wanted the people of Kafue to be poor.”

And President Lungu said he had transformed Zambia but some people were refusing to eat the nshima and relish which he had set before them.

“You thought I was lying, UPND doesn’t want people who work with government, they want people to suffer. So I am asking you to vote for Brig Gen Simakoloyi Moono. The country keeps changing. The country keeps changing. From 2011, Zambia has transformed. Manje muntu abwele akambe ati iyayi, iyi nshima yamene ba bwelesa ba Lungu naba PF usadyeko nangu njala uli nayo, ninshi uli na nzelu? Nshima nina pika ku dala mu 2011, nabwela napika na ndiyo mu 2016. Niku pempani Ati tisebenzele pamodzi mu dyeko nshima, mu kana Manje ni zachita bwanji (Now for someone to say don’t eat some of the nshima which Lungu and PF have brought even if you are hungry, does that mean you are thinking right? I already cooked nshima in 2011, in 2016 I cooked relish. I am asking you that let’s work together so that you eat some of the nshima but you are refusing, so what will I do)?” President Lungu asked.

“Mukani pasa uja muzimai weh bafuna kuni pasa ba opposition, ni zanu izo (If you vote for that lady whom the opposition wants to give me, that’ll be your own problem). Don’t make make the mistake to vote for the opposition candidate who will find it difficult to work because the party will not allow, you have heard for yourselves.”

He said no matter what the people of Kafue would decide, he would remain President and in charge of state resources.

“On 27th, choose who you want. If you fail to choose, that’s your fault, I will still remain in State House, I will still remain President, the Minister of Local Government will be my nominee, Vincent Mwale, the Minister responsible for disbursing funds, Mwanakatwe will be my minister. Now where will they get the money to bring development? The money we use to bring development is your money, as Kafue residents, as Zambians. Now when they forbid you from coming to State House to ask for money, then what do they want? They want you to suffer? Then they are failing to think,” he said.

“It is an insult to imagine that a person can continue misleading people for years and you keep following him. “Forward, forward, forward”, forward to where? For us, we were born in 2001 and in 2011, we formed government. For them, they were born in 1998. Now if someone keeps repeating grade seven, don’t you just stop school and try something else?”

And in apparent reference to former Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu, President Lungu said it did not make sense for an old man to prophesy violence in 2021.

“I will not allow nonsense because the people who are getting hurt are our poor people, people who we are supposed to protect. Even those saying in 2021 there will be violence, there will be war, we have refused. We will also pray, since they also pray. We are going to pray that there will be peace in this country, there will be peaceful elections, and beyond 2021, the country will remain stable. There is one old man who said “I am predicting that there will be violence in Zambia before, during and after elections in 2021, let me tell you in very clear terms that as long as I remain here, I will not allow it. If it is praying, we shall also be praying, God will bless us and we will be peaceful. You cannot stand there as an old man and say “I think there will be violence”, you are supposed to go there and say I will intercede and intervene and talk to these children to stop fighting. If they don’t listen, you can even pinch them and tell them to stop misbehaving. That’s what a good man does. Let’s shame them,” said President Lungu.