Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has condemned the video circulating on social media where some party youths were filmed insulting NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili and threatening to kill him.

Meanwhile, NDC youths on the Copperbelt say they will next Monday hold a peaceful demonstration in Luanshya over the threats on their leader’s life.

Speaking to Hot FM Red Hot Breakfast show Monday, Mwila, though his media director Sunday Chanda, urged police to investigate and bring the culprits to book because political differences should not result into violence.

“The video has been brought to our attention and to the attention of the party leadership. And I want to officially communicate that the party leadership finds that video and the content thereof to be in very bad taste and bordering on criminality. And the step that has been taken by the NDC to report the culprits or those appearing in that video to the Zambia police is the right way to go. The party leadership, the secretary general of the party is distancing the party from this video that is circulating. He is also calling for the police to investigate this particular matter and ensure that the culprits are brought to book,” Mwila said.

Asked if the party could identify any of the faces shown in the video, Mwila said there were too many people in the party.

“We cannot at this stage identify anyone. As you know that the party is a broad based movement and there are many people that belong to the Patriotic Front. However, considering that the faces are clearly and easy to identify going by the video, the party is calling on the Zambia Police to investigate this particular matter and bring the culprits to book. The party find this video to be highly offensive. We can have political differences with Honourable Chishimba Kambwili but we do not believe that political differences must lead to violence and wishing for someone’s loss of life. Honorable Chishimba Kambwili’s mother is our mother and it is highly offensive and that goes against the values of the Patriotic Front that anyone should drag an innocent parent into what should be politics,” he said.

“For us, this video is nothing political. It’s everything criminal. That is the position of the party and anything that is criminal falls within the jurisdiction of the police and this is a clarion call that has been made by the leadership, also speaking to the minister of Home Affairs and the Zambia Police that this matter must be investigated thoroughly and that the culprits must be brought to book.”

Mwila said the PF would not protect criminals.

“We must be very clear here that we have so many churches across the country but we still have adultery and other things of immorality thriving in our nation. That does not mean that the churches are not playing the role that they should play. The Patriotic Front remains committed to its values as enshrined in its party constitution and anyone who commits criminality in the name of the party can be assured that they do not have the support of the party, they do not have the protection of the party, they are doing from their own and the long arm of the law must find them. And in this particular instance the party leadership is calling for investigations and for police action and the decision that will e taken by the NDC to report this matter to the police is as it should be and we hope that the police is going to follow through this matter and ensure that the culprits are brought to book,” said Mwila.

Meanwhile, NDC youths on the Copperbelt say they will next Monday hold a peaceful demonstration in Luanshya over the threats on their leader’s life.

In a statement, NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita said the youths notified police about the protest yesterday.

“In this regard, we are urging all NDC youths on the copper belt to turn out in large numbers and participate in the said peaceful protest. We further want to restate our position on none violence as a party. Violence has and should never have room in this country. It is sad that the PF regime is using youths in political thuggery instead of creating jobs for them. As NDC, we abhor politics of insults, victimization and intimidation,” stated Kabwita.

“Further, we are appalled that the Minister of National Guidance has elected to remain quite over this barbaric video. We further want to urge the police command to pursue and arrest the criminals threatening Dr Kambwili in that video. The thugs in the video are known PF carders found at the intercity bus terminus in Lusaka. Police should for once show professionalism and bring these thugs to book.”