NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita says it is shocking for party secretary general Mwenya Musenge to start masquerading as sole owner of the party when he has never contributed any money to support the party’s activities.

And Kambwita says the NDC Central Committee will soon sit and decide Musenge’s fate, saying the party has had it with his innuendos.

Reacting to Musenge’s insistence that Kambwili still needs to apply for membership to the NDC even after single-handedly helping the party emerge victorious in last week’s Roan Parliamentary by-elections, Kabwita said it was high time Zambians knew the Genesis of NDC.

“In 2017 after PF expelled honourable Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge, we went to honourable Kambwili’s residence in Lusaka and it was decided from there that we form a political party as an alternative. Mr Musenge and I were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that we register a political party for CK to come and lead as president. And the person who appointed ba [Mr] Musenge as Secretary General was honourable Chishimba Kambwili. This was done in the presence of Mr Christopher Mutale, Mr Lombani Musichili and Frank Chiona. I was on the same day appointed national youth chairman for the National Democratic Congress. And wherever we went, honourable Kambwili gave us money for accommodation, fuel and any other logistics. So it is so shocking for me as a young person who is supposed to be inspired by ba Musenge to keep hearing him spreading lies to the nation, misleading the nation. It’s very unfortunate,” Kabwita said.

“In September, 2017, I even remember the date so well, on 22nd September, 2017, our party was registered and the Registrar of Societies called to invite us to go and collect the certificate. I was with honourable Musichili, honourable Musenge. The person who produced the money for the registration of the party was honourable Chishimba Kambwili, he’s the one who produced K5,000 for the registration of the party. So when ba Musenge begins to claim that he’s the sole owner of the party, it baffles me, I am left with no words but to say that the man is selfish, the man is a hypocrite and he’s a pathological liar. He has no sense of shame, because where Musenge is, we expect him to be a leader who should be honest but are these the type of leaders Zambia would aspire to have? People who can even lie to themselves? Ba Musenge if he’s the owner of the party, why did he not stop us from fielding a candidate in the Roan Parliamentary by-elections?”

Kabwita said Kabwili’s son, Mwamba designed the party logo whilst the national youth chairman came up with the name of the party.

“When we were forming this political party, Mwamba Chishimba Kambwili also played a role in designing the logo of the party. Then I came up with the name ‘National Democratic Congress’ and we added the logo and the name. So I don’t know where Musenge is [in all this], the only role he played was that he was put as the front and wherever we went with ba Musenge, he was saying ‘I am John the Baptist, there’s someone coming. I am not even worthy to tie his shoe laces. I am just a front’. So that someone who was coming behind, he meant honourable Kambwili. I am just hoping that moving forward, the Central Committee will sit and decide the fate of Mwenya Musenge.”

Kabwita said just because Musenge was among the list of those who appeared on the party’s registration certificate, he did not have ownership of the party.

“I am an office bearer in the NDC and I am second from Ba Musenge on the list [for registration]. But this doesn’t imply that I own NDC, I am just a subscriber. So I want to educate ba Musenge, under the Society Act, when you register a political party, that political party is not for your wife and your children. The party belongs to the members who believe in it’s ideologies. So for ba Musenge to claim that he’s the owner of the party, I think this goes to show what little knowledge he has about the Act. I want to challenge ba Musenge to refuse that ba Kamwbili produced the money [for the registration of the party], I want him to also refuse that the figurehead of this political party is ba Kambwili. For your own information, I was a councilor in Chimwemwe ward where ba Musenge was a member of parliament. So if indeed Mr Musenge is the one who invited me to go and register NDC with him, I would not have been part and parcel of NDC because I know ba Musenge is a failure,” he said.

“He lost an election in Chimwemwe to a Constituency Chairman, this is how unpopular ba Musenge is. So ba Musenge is riding on the popularity of Chishimba Kambwili and to make it worse, it appears like he doesn’t even understand the operations of political parties. I never once saw ba Musenge produce money for the operations of NDC. So this thing of saying Chishimba Kambwili must apply to become a member of the NDC, he’s just being selfish and jealous of the success that Chishimba Kambwili has made politically. So my advice to the big man is that I think politically he’s tired, let him concentrate on reviving his fleet vehicles which is parked at Chilas and also revamping Chilas Night Club that he has. He’s not fit to run the politics of NDC as Secretary General, he has failed lamentably. Every where we go the calls that we receiving that ‘we don’t want Musenge, can you chase him’. But who can work with ba Musenge the way he’s behaving?”

Kabwita said NDC could not do anything without consulting their “consultant”.

“We cannot do anything without consulting the consultant on how to do certain things in our party because we vested the powers in him as a consultant. He chaired the Central Committee meetings where ba Musenge even addressed CK as president. So how can he just U-turn and say ‘Kambwili must apply if he wants to become a member of the NDC’, that is shocking everyone. And he thinks that we are stupid just because we are quiet but we now think enough is enough! It’s ba Musenge who should now apply to become an ordinary member of NDC. If this problem persists, we will see what we are going to do if this problem persists, we are not in a hurry like Musenge because Musenge is being used. Us we are not being used. Musenge is not talking alone, he’s being used by someone,” said Kabwita.

“Chishimba Kambwili registered PF and others but have you heard him claiming after he was expelled that PF is mine? Only a fool would think like that, but me I am not foolish to start claiming ownership of NDC.”