Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says the youths who are calling for PF Secretary General Davies Mwila’s removal are just some disgruntled individuals, sending meaningless threats, when they do not belong to the ruling party.

And Lusambo says Zambia will never have a better President than Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile, Lusambo has advised newly elections NDC Roan member of parliament Joseph Chishala not take up Chishimba Kambwili’s style’s of politics, saying he will fail to work for the people.

Speaking when featured on Hot FM’s Hot Seat programme, Thursday, Lusambo accepted that the PF’s defeat in the Roan Parliamentary by-election was painful but that it had not shaken the party in any way because PF was still strong.

“Roan is not like these other constituencies, it is a complicated constituency historically. It’s not even about Kambwili as people would want to put it… I have been in politics for quite some time and I can assure you that there is no wind of change currently happening. PF is 100 per cent strong on the Copperbelt, PF is enjoying its popularity, not only on the Copperbelt but everywhere in the country. And even if we had elections today, the PF would still win and retain the power. I mean, who else is there to be voted for? The loss in Roan is painful yes but it has not shaken the party. If Roan has shaken PF then the party is not strong. Roan cannot shake the party, of course we are disappointed because we needed a win. But that constituency to shake the party? No no no, we can’t be shaken. The pain is there but it doesn’t mean that we are shaken. When we have a loss like the one which we experienced in Roan, for us we will go back to the drawing board and say ‘what went wrong’? Then we amend the strategy and go in again,” Lusambo said.

And Lusamnbo warned the new Roan member of parliament not to be influenced by Kambwili as he takes up his Parliamentary duties.

“It’s not Chishimba Kambwili who has won the constituency in Roan. The candidate for Roan and the person who will be coming to Parliament is Joseph Chishala. So I want to advise Joseph, as he is coming to Parliament he should know that, that House is a House of decorum, it’s a House of honourables. So if he will come with the behaviour like the one which we experienced with Chishimba Kambwii, then he won’t even work in Parliament. So let him come as Joseph because he’s the one who has been elected in Roan constituency, it is not Chishimba Kambwili. So the person we are supposed to discussing is Joseph, how is he going to develop Roan?” Lusambo charged.

Lusambo further boasted that Zambia will never have a better President than Edgar Lungu.

“We have the most listening President in State House. If President Lungu is not listening, which President will Zambians have who will be more in touch with the grassroots than President Lungu is? Let me give you a practical example, the people of Zambia have said Hakainde Hichilema has overstayed on that position. If there is democracy in UPND then let them change the leader of the party. A lot of people have said that, but if I may ask you, which people are saying Edgar Lungu is arrogant?” Lusambo asked.

When the host tried to give examples of the people opposing President Lungu and the PFs arrogance from some of the posts being shared on social media, Lusambo took advantage of the opportunity to scold the youths calling for Mwila’s resignation.

“Look, on these blogs which you are referring to that people are posting there and complaining [about Mwila], we have a lot of JSBs, the John solye ubwali people, they are on these blogs. But they don’t mean well, they are just issuing statements without any meaning. They don’t even vote, the people who vote are the marketeers in Kalingalinga. But these JSBs are just there to bring confusion. These JSBs are supposed to bring solutions if they mean well. For example me if I love you, I can’t destroy you in public. What I would do is to come to you and tell you how we can move. But these people on the blogs, they want to show off ‘no us we know how to organise, we are in touch with the grassroots’, wait a minute, if you are in touch with the grassroots then come and join the party structures and help the party grow wherever you are. You can’t be a politician on Facebook, politicians are practical people, they go and meet the people themselves not on the Facebook,” said Lusambo.

“So I would advice those JSBs on the blogs that if they mean well to the growth of this party, the most important thing they can do is to go and see the Secretary General, the national chairman, or the other leaders that we have in the party so that they can add real value. Not to go and bring confusion on Facebook. We have a director of communications at the secretariat. So if there is something that they needed to be communicated, people go to the director of communications and they share with him all those things which are tabled by the secretary and the secretary general can also share with the committees in our party. There is no way you can be insulting the secretary general, you insult the President and the ministers, it is unprecedented, it’s unacceptable!”