Roan NDC member of parliament Joseph Chishala says the state is campaigning for NDC by cancelling its meetings.

And Lusaka UPND chairman Obvious Mwaliteta says there is too much childishness in the way the PF is running the country.

Yesterday, police cancelled an NDC thanks-giving rally citing lack of man power to marshal the event.

Addressing journalists at NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili’s Luanshya residence, Chishala said he would embark on a door-to-door thanks giving exercise.

“I am extremely disappointed with the act of the police and the government at large. The people of Roan were expecting us very much, we wanted to thank them for the vote that they gave us during the elections in Roan. We are so proud of the unity of purpose that they showed during the elections and we took time to apply for that permit initially which they denied us and this time they gave us the permit and the people were ready to meet us so that we appreciate them for the good job they did to show the current ruling government party that they are being unfair to them. But all I can tell this current government is that days are numbered, if they think they are decampaiging us or shunning us to meet our people, they are wasting their time, actually what they are doing they are campaigning for us. Because the people of Roan and the people of Zambia are aware of how unfairly we are being treated,” said Chishala.

“But we are going to follow the procedure as they said, will re-apply for the permit and wait and time will come for us to meet the people. One thing the PF should know is that our campaign was simple, we were doing a door to door Campaign, we can still do a door to door to give thanks, and I don’t think we need a permit for that, I will personally tomorrow start a door to door thanks giving to the people of Roan and Mpatamatu, to thank them personally. To the people of Roan stay calm until we come and meet you. But for tomorrow, me and my team will be worshiping from one of the church’s in Roan, will use this time also to thank the people because I don’t think I can be stopped by the police to attend church and do thanks giving, so if the police think they can stop us from having a rally and meeting people, will use other methods to meet our people.”

And Mwaliteta said there was too much childishness in the manner in which PF was running the country.

“Can these colleagues focus their energies back at looking at what is affecting the Zambian people than ‘what is Kambwili doing today’, ‘what is HH doing tomorrow. They should take their energy towards fighting poverty. If they put their focus on fighting individuals, it won’t work. There is too much childishness in the running of the country’s affairs.