Former UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) says Hakainde Hichilema is so desperate to become President that he can even eat feaces if someone told him that doing so would take him to State House.

And GBM says UPND leader he will not accept any job offer from President Edgar Lungu because his focus is on mobilizing the ruling party and dismantling the opposition.

Meanwhile, GBM says UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka is a fool whom he can pay his K6,000 UPND salary for the next 40 years upfront.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Mano in Kasama, Sunday, GBM said HH was so desperate for power, to the point of eating feaces.

“HH has no regard even for the people who made UPND, not even the wife to the late Anderson Mazoka who founded the party; for him he is self centred, selfish and greedy. Wena nangu fye lelo line mwamutulila amafi ati ‘amafi aya lya yalakutwala ku state house’ kuti alya. Pantu ena eco afwaisha ni state house.’ ( For him, even if you give him feaces and you tell him that ‘eat these feaces, they will take you to State House’, he can eat because all he wants is State House),” GBM said.

GBM said as for him, he would not accept any position from President Lungu, unless in 2021.

“I would refuse if President Lungu was to give me any position, for now I just want to mobilise for the party, I won’t accept any appointment from President Lungu, I may only accept a position in 2021. For now I just want to mobilise for PF and President Lungu, if they give me a position in 2021, I may accept it depending on my own judgment. Now that I don’t even want any position from President Lungu, it will be easier for me to approach him and tell him about the problems people are facing here,” GBM said.

He said President Lungu could not sideline him because there would be no PF without GBM.

“People have not forgotten what GBM did for PF and you should not be surprised that I have gone back, it’s the people who want me back. Those who are in PF today who know what I did for PF cannot sideline me, maybe those who are new in PF but those who have been PF members for a long time cannot sideline me, including President Edgar Lungu himself, he can’t sideline me, they know that there could have been no PF without GBM,” he said.

And GBM said he advised late President Michael Sata to appoint Lungu as minister of home affairs because of his good heart.

“I worked with President Edgar Lungu very well when I was minister of defence. He is one of the people I moved with a lot when he was deputy minister, and when Kennedy Sakeni who was minister of Home Affairs died, President Michael Sata asked me that ‘who do you think can we appoint as minister of Home Affairs?’ I told him in confidence that you should appoint Edgar Lungu.’ Because I knew Edgar Lungu as a very good man with a great sense of humour ‘alikwata ifyakusekesha’ (he cracks jokes).”

GBM said given a choice between HH and Lungu, he would vote for the latter because he conducted himself better.

“If I compare HH and Edgar Lungu, I would choose Edgar Lungu by far because the way he conducts himself is different by far with the way HH conducts himself. HH has no good heart that’s why he has lost five vice presidents within a short period of time. Do you think we are all bad? It means HH is a bad person himself. Why should we then give HH the presidency? Personally I have refused, we should not entrust that man with leadership, I will even tell the whole country not to vote for him because if they do so you will cause trouble upon yourselves. It’s not because he is a Tonga, just that he is a bad man himself. HH believes that he is UPND and that UPND is him, but if UPND wants to win elections they should remove HH as party president and replace him with another person,” GBM said.

“Why can’t HH be like President Edgar Lungu who listens to those who advise him? HH is a self centered person; he only believes that what he thinks is what is right. HH has an inferiority complex, I don’t know how his background is, I would want to know, he seems to be haunted. The way he looks sad and angry on his face is also how bad his heart is, now how can he lead us with that kind of heart? Don’t make a mistake of electing him please. Maybe God sent me to UPND so that I can have an opportunity to compare between President Lungu and HH. Let me tell you fellow Zambians, I am apologizing to President Lungu for all the insults I insulted him; I will not insult him again. I discovered that HH is not good, whenever I insulted President Lungu, HH used to call me to congratulate me, but if I did not insult HH for him it meant that I was not working. I am sorry President Lungu for insulting you, forgive me, I am your child.”

Meanwhile, GBM boasted that he could pay UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka his K6,000 salary for the next 40 years upfront.

“It is Mucheleka, Illunga, Nalumango and Benard Mpundu who went and told HH lies that I am making parallel structures so that I can challenge him at the convention, I had no such intentions because I respected HH as my president, the same way I respected Sata. I am not in a hurry to be President, time will come when I will also want to be Preisdent…We shall see which people these people will take to HH now that I have left, because if it’s Illunga, the only thing he knows is asking for money. My nephew Mucheleka is being paid K6,000 per month, he could have just told me, I could have paid him for 40 years in advance if it’s because of his poverty,” said GBM.

“He could have told me that ‘uncle I am suffering’, I could have given him money, he was with an NGO, he was fired and now because of poverty he has betrayed his own uncle over a K6,000, can I fail to give him K6,000? I can give K6,000s for the rest of his life. So don’t recive Mucheleka here in Kasama he is a traitor together with Benard Mpundu. Mpundu is the one who sold later Kapapa and BY Mwila here in Kasama. Mucheleka is like that, that’s why some people say that maybe he is not a Bemba, his father came from Zimbabwe. Even this lady from Kaputa, Mutale Nalumango, that lady her heart is as ugly as her face, that’s why she has been rejected in Kaputa. They all turned against me, they are all fools!”