Political Researcher Cephas Mukuka says government should create as many jobs as possible on permanent and pensionable basis so that the heavy taxation burden being shouldered by a few workers can be lessened.

And Mukuka says government should respect workers rights by paying their benefits on time after retirement.

Zambia commemorated International Labour Day under the theme “Enhancing Productivity and Alleviating Poverty Through Decent Work Agenda”.

In a statement to News Diggers, Mukuka observed that only a few people were carrying the heavy taxation burden.

“The few jobs at play for now are not adequate as they are causing the few workers to shoulder the heavy burden of taxation. I further suggest that companies like ZSIC, NAPSA, ZNBS, and Workers Compensation Board among several others not to be restricted to investing in shopping malls only, but also in other sectors as stakeholders. This will ensure job security among the purported workers,” Mukuka stated.

“Poverty levels can only be reduced when we adequately create decent jobs for our people across the nation. We need to tap into the great potentials exposed all over the nation and see to it that our people benefit. The heavy taxation currently being experienced by our workers can be brought to normal levels via job creation as a result of broadening the tax base. The PF government should ensure that they create as many jobs as possible on permanent and pensionable basis without discrimination.”

And Mukuka urged government to respect workers’ rights by paying their benefits on time after retirement.

“As a matter of fact our government should equally work hand in hand with the foreign investors as equal partners. In the same vein, government must respect workers rights and benefits paid in time as opposed to making workers access their benefits after 15 years from date of retirement. By the time benefits are out, beneficiaries would have died and if alive the monies due to high inflation rates, would have lost the purchasing power,” Mukuka stated.

“We implore our gallant Zambian workers to remain focused. A lot has taken place in terms of job creation and the shrinking labour markets. Going by this year’s theme, as a nation high levels of productivity will not only help us earn the much needed forex through exports, but equally assist in the expansion of the labour markets through job creation. Zambia needs to create as many jobs as possible in all vital sectors of the economy. This should be in line with the policy of diversifying the economy with less dependency on the mining sector.”

Meanwhile, Mukuka commended the media fraternity for educating, informing and entertaining the masses under very difficult and trying moments.

“We equally pay tribute to our gallant colleagues in the media fraternity. We commend them for their continuous support to humanity to see to it that they educate, inform and entertain the great masses. This they have done under very difficult and trying moments to the extent of being beaten, jailed and killed, all in trying to serve humanity,” stated Mukuka.

“Very few African nations have given adequate space for our media fraternity to operate without fear of being victims of political hooliganism. It’s common sense to note that once the media is gaged then evil prevails in society. Records equally show that individuals and other organizations who at one point tried to fight the media ended up losing out. My message is that we continue to work closely with them (media) even as we protect them from abuse and other evils that may befall them as they execute their duties.”