The ministry of general education has banned partying and braiing sponsored by parents and guardians when they visit their children who are in public learning institutions.

In a statement, Ministry of General Education spokesperson Nondo Chilongo said the practice by some parents to hold parties and braais for their children when they visit them at schools was creating inequality, as there are children who come from families that cannot afford to hold parties for them.

“The Ministry of General Education is not in support of the birth of a new culture of holding braais during visiting in public schools and other public learning institutions. The ministry has also observed that some schools have allowed the development of parents and guardians carrying excess food stuffs during visiting weekends and holding braais with their children during the visits. The general public is being reminded that that a school is a learning environment comprising children from different backgrounds some of whom cannot even afford to have expensive food stuffs and commodities,” Chilongo said.

“The ministry would like to create a conducive and enabling environment in schools where learners are accorded equal opportunities to learn and develop. It is for this reason therefore, that the ministry is directing that with effect from the second term of the 2019 academic year, parents and guardians of learners should not be allowed to hold braais while they visit their children in schools. In the spirit of living together, promoting a culture of sharing and enhancing equality among learners, the Ministry of General Education will not allow parents to visit schools and in the process celebrate and even hold parties or braais with their children. All school visits must be done in an ordinary fashion.”

The ministry has since instructed school head teachers not to allow partying and braaing at schools during visitations.

“The ministry of general education is appealing to all Head Teachers and school managers of all schools under the ministry to help create a positive culture and impression at their learning institutions by adhering to this directive. It is also expected that parents and guardians will equally heed to this important instruction as it is meant for the development of their children and of the learning institutions,” said Chilongo.