University of Zambia lecturer Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa says China’s decision to subcontract the Zambian government to teach Mandarin in secondary schools is an indication that that country is out to capture Zambia’s future.

Recently, Ministry of Higher Education Permanent Secretary Mabvuto Sakala signed off a Chinese training agreement between Zambia and China.

Speaking in Beijing, China after the signing ceremony on Tuesday, Sakala said the agreement would officially flag-off the implementation of Chinese language training at secondary school level in Zambia.

He said the teaching of the Chinese language would effectively become examinable under the Examinations Council of Zambia by 2020.

But reacting to this pronouncement in a tweet, Dr Sishuwa said China already controlled key sectors of Zambia’s economy.

“China has subcontracted the government of Zambia to teach Chinese in all public secondary schools in Zambia. Chinese history is already part of the curriculum. Having captured Zambia’s leaders, China is now out to capture Zambia’s future. Is China testing the limit of our docility? Already the Chinese control key sectors of Zambia’s economy, control the national public broadcaster and are building monuments for their fallen heroes in the country. What next? Would they send occupying forces to pick the best land after we have failed to pay their debt?” Dr Sishuwa asked.

He stated that the Chinese were taking advantage of the mediocrity and short-sightedness of Zambian leaders.

“I wonder if the Chinese in addition to deliberately putting the docility of Zambians (or is it natives) to the test, weighing if it infinitely malleable, are using Zambia as a case study of how far they can push soft control before direct political control is necessary. It is part of the Chinese’s long term vision. You have got to give it to them. they know what they want and are out to get it. We must blame ourselves. The Chinese are simply taking advantage of the mediocrity and short-sightedness of our public leaders,” Dr Sishuwa stated.

And commenting on Dr Sishuwa’s tweet, one of his followers, who uses the Twitter handle “The Zambian” charged that leaders were slowly auctioning the country to the Chinese when a good number of Zambians hardly knew much about Zambia’s history.

“We have Zambians who hardly know much about Zambia’s history. Clearly China is pushing an agenda to capture the future of Zambia economically and now the education front. Clear not the Zambia Kapwepwe and co would have imagined. Our leaders are auctioning this country slowly,” the Zambian commented.

In response, Dr Sishuwa said; “It incredible and it’s happening so fast. Note that the subject of Zambian history in our public schools is optional and much of that optional Zambian history is narrowly confined to pre-colonial adhominems. The things we do to ourselves are amazing. This year 2019, Zambia turns 55, the retirement age for those working in the formal sector. The same year those entrusted with the responsibility of managing the affairs of our country chose to give consent to the tragic idea of Zambia becoming a settler colony of China.”