Governance activist Lewis Mwape says the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) cannot produce a credible Republican Constitution as it is aimed at protecting the interests of PF officials who are currently enjoying power.

And Mwape urged Zambians to demand for transparency from leaders over the NDF because keeping quiet will allow leaders to manipulate the Constitution to their own advantage.

In statement, Wednesday, Mwape stated that the NDF was aimed at creating an electoral environment in which those who are in power cannot lose elections.

“If Zambians have been waiting for a good constitution, a good electoral law, a good Public Order Act (PoA); definitely the NDF process CANNOT produce a constitution and other (pieces of) legislation of a country whose leadership is a product of a democratic process. We must not go far to look for a ‘dark world’ – NDF is operating an information closet in which the rest of the citizens in the country are kept away from the shrine and whatever goes on there!” Mwape said.

“Laws that are being enacted are meant to shield politicians and create more power around the ruling class, while citizens’ rights are being taken away systematically. It is creating an electoral environment in which those who are already enjoying power cannot easily lose it, not because they are good, but because they do not deserve peoples’ mandate! In any dictatorship, this is a typical legal system! Demand for a people-driven Constitution! Demand for the Bill of Rights! It is your right!”

Mwape called on citizens demand for transparency from their leaders.

“Time has come when Zambian citizens must demand for accountability and transparency from their leaders and that laws and leaders that take away power from citizens must out-rightly be rejected! Systematic and legalistic approaches for replacement and killing of democracy and democratic institutions with dictatorship must be rejected! A leader who is merciless, corrupt and inconsistent can never be trusted to perfect the democracy of a country! A lion must never be trusted for the safety of impalas,” said Mwape.

“The current legislative agenda is hollow. The amendments to the national Constitution and other (pieces of) legislation that are being considered for enactment or amendment are absolute mutilation of legislation and abuse of governance mandate derived from the citizens. It is regrettable that our politicians’ focus has been power for power and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has introduced a new era, a new conduct of politics, which will be difficult for Zambians to correct and reverse the deep dive into the legislative mud being inspired by self-centeredness and power maniacs!”