Chieftainess Kawaza of the Chewa people in Sinda and Katete districts has appreciated the development spirit exhibited by president Edgar Lungu in her chiefdom.

Speaking through an induna during the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a first level hospital at Sheketeni village, Monday, the traditional leader observed that former presidents did not consider taking development to her area in the manner that President Lungu.

“We appreciate PF leadership under president Edgar Lungu as he has a development spirit for us his people. We had various leaders in the past who did not gave us what we are seeing today. We ask you the minister that as you go back, tell the president to keep it up the good work of inspiring the MPs and Ministers to do good works in their respective areas. We have also seen the heart for the people which our MP Masauso Tembo has” Chieftainess Kawaza said

And Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya said the facility would have a theatre and a laboratory, and was expedted to help people not travel long distances to access services at St Francis Hospital in Katete or Nyanje Mission Hospital in Sinda.

“We want to follow what President Edgar Lungu said that, to have development is to work hard and for one to work hard, you need to have good health through hospitals and healthy staffs” Dr Chilufya said.

He assured the villagers that the contractor would start the construction works in a few weeks and would engage local people to benefit through part time employment at the facility.

He called on the district commissioner Paradious Sakala to present a list of youths who wanted to go to nursing school and those that already studied nursing and were waiting to be deployed.

“I hear we have youths who completed school and they want to go to colleges and also that we have youths that did the colleges already. Please ba DC just give us the list of those so that those that want to go to school we can take them and those that want employment we can see what to do,” request Dr Chilufya

He also thanked the member of Parliament for remembering the people that voted for him through development.

And Tembo who is an independent MP for Sinda, thanked the gesture showed by the PF government saying the move was proof that the ruling party does not segregate people in rural areas.

“Thank you for your everlasting love as it shows that the government does not segregate people, even in rural areas you are there to take development. I’m so happy!” said Tembo.

At the end of the gathering, minister Dr Chilufya handed Tembo a bunch on k100 bank notes which were distributed village group leaders, participants who attended the meeting as well as children and their parents.

Some civil servants who tried to get a share of about K10, 000 distributed were told to stay a way, a move that displeased them, prompting the lawmaker to urge the journalists present not to report the incident.